11 Stoner TV Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now in 2016

Must blaze TV

Smoking weed and getting high for the sake of marijuana-induced navel-gazing with your buddies is one thing, but there are quite a few TV shows that either you should watch while stoned, or are clearly influenced by people who you might suspect be frequently smoking a few blunts before hitting the screenplay-and-video-editing software. Or the shows might feature “the wacky tobaccy” somewhere in the collection of episodes.

All of which means that it’s very likely that the writers, producers and perhaps even the actors completely ignored Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign back when Ronnie was in the Oval Office, because many of those people grew up or had just come of age during that era. How and why can we possibly assume this? Because there are at least 11 stoner-oriented shows out there, and many of them come from Adult Swim or Comedy Central. Now, if you don’t have cable or satellite, you can likely pick some of these shows up on Hulu or Netflix.

Some of the shows might be familiar, and some might not be. Some are animated and three for sure are live action. Whatever your taste, give the ones you don’t know a fair shake. After all, you can always light a joint to make something weird that much weirder—and funnier perhaps if you’re not laughing while “sober.”

Okay, let’s get rolling with the list!

1. Off the Air

This has got to be the freakiest stoner show ever. Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has some pretty trippy stuff, but this show hovers at the corner of “Groovy” and “WTF!” Essentially, each episode is a bizarre montage of related images and concepts revolving around one central theme. It’s like Disney’s “Fantasia” only far, far less innocent, and way more thought-provoking. Perfect for lighting up a joint and taking a nice long hit if you want the show to seem all the crazier.

2. Broad City

New York City life is strange, but this show featuring two young Jewish women and their misadventures makes life in the Big Apple seem all the weirder. Part of the weirdness is that they themselves are stoners, to a greater or lesser degree. One woman is slightly more responsible than the other, and is continually pulled into the other’s high-jinks. But the more you watch the show, it’ll seem like you’re watching a female version of “Harold and Kumar,” only without the ill-fated plan to go to White Castle.

3. Squidbillies

Imagine squids crossed with the inhabitants of the American South. Yeah. You get “Squidbillies.” How is this a stoner show? Well, you can’t miss just how weird the mashup is while sober, and can you imagine how doubly weird the mix would seem to you through the purple haze of hash? We’re talking about mud squids living the life of Georgia hillbillies. That’s definitely something you might come up with while vaping on some good weed. And it’s both on Cartoon Network and Hulu, so you get twice the opportunity to get your weird on.

4. Workaholics

What’s “stoner” about this show? Ultimately it’s about three college dropouts who work in a telemarketing office and, well, they’re not the most mature guys in the world. They’re all about the pranks, drinking, etc that they did in college, and one particular episode features one of the guys who makes smoothies for himself and the other two, but slips some peyote into the smoothies—either as a prank or just to see what would happen (makes him the perfect trial-and-error scientist, eh?). Later on, they start experiencing the wild and cosmic effects of the peyote while searching for the kid they’re supposed to be babysitting, and the juxtaposition of the peyote with actual reality is both bizarre and hilarious. Given the nature of this episode, it’s not surprising this series made the list of “Stoner Shows.”

5. Robot Chicken

If you have not at least heard of this show, you are missing out on one of the crudest, funniest series anyone—pothead and non-pothead alike—could ever watch—apart from “South Park,” that is. Created by Seth Green (many know him as “Scott Evil” from the Austin Powers movies) and Matt Senreich, Robot Chicken takes popular events, people and places from both the past and present and mixes them all up with unrelenting satirical wit and parody power. In Robot Chicken, no joke possibility gets left unturned, and no culture cow is too sacred to tip and leave for the stop-motion-style aliens to come and run experiments on. Whatever passes across their radar, they will take potshots at it, then take the entrails and do something completely nuts. And that’s if you’re sober and sane. Imagine watching this while taking hits off a bong.

6. Superjail

You might want to light up a couple extra blunts for yourself while watching this highly violent and mixed-up animated series from the crazy people at Adult Swim. Superjail is one of those shows where someone decided to throw in the nightmarish vibe of Hieronymus Bosch’s art and mix it with more plot non-sequiturs that you can conceive of—and turn the final result into 2D cel animation. This show should not be watched without plenty of weed close by—either to numb your otherwise sensitive soul against the violence (don’t worry, we won’t tell your besties)—or to be too stoned to care whether it’s violent or not, because you just want to look at all the pretty colors.

7. American Ninja Warrior

Forget “Amazing Race” and other idiotic reality shows. This is the obstacle course show you should totally watch while binging on bong smoke because it’s actually pretty cool to see people compete in this rather insane obstacle course race. Of course, while stoned, you might end up saying stuff like, “Oh, man, we gotta try that!” and plan out some wild wacky scheme to put together your own course while giving in to the major munchies. Unless you’re too stoned to even think beyond actually watching the show. Then you’ll say, “Wow, cool. We should do that. But with weed.”

8. Regular Show

Take one sarcastic, loudmouthed bluejay named Mordecai and an equally loudmouthed raccoon named Rigby, put them together as groundskeepers for a local park and you have a recipe filled with seriously out-there—and hilarious—adventures. The concept is surreal enough and funny enough on its own while you’re clearheaded and sober, making it perfect for watching with an equally weird-minded yet straight-as-an-arrow buddy while having a sloppy pizza-fries-and-soda supper. But add some “Adventure-Time”-like weirdness, and you might as well be stoned off your head while watching, requiring more deliciously greasy pizza and at least another 12-pack of your carbonated beverage of choice to pass around to your besties. Seriously, this is not a show to watch all by your lonesome. The more friends you have watching—and smoking—with you, the better. Because like the show’s slogan says: ‘Regular Show: It’s anything BUT!”

9. The Heart, She Holler

Among all the animated stuff in this list is one bizarre live-action series produced in part by Williams Street, the same people that produce “Robot Chicken.” Which should tell you that this show is truly far out. It’s also dark and surreal with that semi-Gothic horror vibe you might get from V.C. Andrews’ “Flowers In The Attic” or something similar, but with a very Southern, supernatural twist. The show stars Patton Oswalt and Amy Sedaris, so those are at least two excellent reasons for trying out at least the pilot, if not binge-watching the entire thing. Again, if you’re a bit sensitive to horrific stuff at all, this show might not be for you. Unless you were very, very stoned off your rear, and then you might simply require a mint julep—or three—for refreshment.

10. Adventure Time

Adventure Time has become something of a geeky cult following, with toy figures and other merchandise on shelves alongside the “Magic the Gathering” and “Pokemon” displays. And with good reason. Just watching the trailers for the show is enough to get your giggle on, even while sober. Adventure Time is deceptively innocent-looking, what with all the bright colors and cute creatures here and there. You might think, “Ah, this is tame. My kid brother could watch this and Mom won’t have problem.” But in reality, the bizarre and sometimes violent nature of the show would definitely place this series in the “Adult Swim” category, let alone on this list of shows to watch while you’re lying there on the sofa with a bong in your hands.

11. Misadventures of Flapjack


This is possibly one of Cartoon Network’s littler-known animated series, and kind of has a similar vibe to Adventure Time, but perhaps without the super-bright colors. For those who have never really seen the show, Flapjack is a kid who was raised by an anthropomorphic whale (ladies and gentlemen, start your bongs), and continuously gets into all sorts of hi-jinks from which he is often rescued by the candy-obsessed and otherwise selfish Captain K’nuckles, a pirate who is essentially made of wood, except for his “sittin’ muscle,” as K’nuckles calls it. Oh, and to continue the theme of sweet, K’nuckles drinks maple syrup instead of rum, which might earn a potential seal of approval from moms of middle-schoolers (can’t be influencing middle-schoolers to drink rum, now can we?), but if you’re sitting there vaping on some good bud, you’re more than likely going to be inspired to make a Harold-and-Kumar-like run to an IHOP than babysitting your kid brother or sister.

These are just eleven potential “stoner shows” to peruse and consider if you’ve never really seen many of them. And again, something that might seem not-so-funny while sober might seem off-the-wall hilarious if you’re stoned, so break out the leaf and roll papers and have some stoner TV fun already.

What are some of your favorite Stoner TV shows?


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  1. Hah! This list is so true man. I literally sit down with a bowl and just veg out with some chips and soda on most of these. Especially regular show ad adventure time. I know that stuffs designed for kids. But I’m telling you, especially adventure time, so much weird crap happens on that show that you’re just having your mind blown constantly. Plus with Regular Show you know the characters are stoners too. They just can’t say it.

  2. I love workaholics. I even watch it when I’m sober. I’m not much for cartoons. But that show? I could watch that.

    Always Sunny in Philidelphia is also a very good one to watch while high. It’s so mind boggingly dumb that makes it fun to watch.

  3. Mine has got to Mystery Science Theater 3000 it’s just so silly while high. It’s kind of boring if your not though.

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