Weed Tattoo Fails: 14 Of The Most Hilariously Bad Weed Tattoos Ever

weed tattoo fails

No doubt you’ve seen many “tattoo fail” posts around the Internet, but what about weed tattoo fails? You might have seen some, we’re sure, but these fourteen images truly take the weed cake.

1. Pot Head

weed tattoo 14
While pot legalization should be a thing, this sort of terrible, horrible, awful, no-good very bad drawing of a cannabis “comb-over” should remain illegal.

2. Bob Marley says “Go Back To Art Class, Mon!”

weed tattoo 13
Looks more like Rastafarian Rage comics Surprised gasp face.

3. FKU?

weed tattoo 12

On the plus side, his headline can still cover this mistake once his hair grows back.

4. Triple-Threat
weed tattoo 11

Drawing fail? Check. (Is that a fern or cannabis leaf? Those edges look awful smooth for a cannabis plant.)

Location fail? Double check. (“Hey, guys! Check out where I got my tat!” *Beavis & Butthead laugh*)

Job retention fail? Triple check. (“Fired!? But, but…it’s a fern, I swear!”)

5. Cheeky Tat
weed tattoo 10

We’re not sure if this is supposed to be a blunt, a joint, a plain ol’ cigar?
BUT she can take a puff anytime with a twist of the lips, points for that.

6. Highly Flammable Weed Tattoo

weed tattoo 9

Looks like someone needs both a doctor and a new tattoo artist, ieeeee, looks painful.

7. E.D.F = Epic Douchebag Fail

weed tattoo 8
Is this guy mental, was he drunk, or what? It doesn’t take a Tarot reader to know this guy ain’t gonna be lucky in love any time soon.

8.Wrong Number

weed tattoo 6310 (inside weed leaf)? Naw, 420 bro!


9. Ankle Biter

weed tattoo 5
Was the tattoo artist high too?

10.  Kung Poo Panda

weed tattoo 4
Is this the kind of ‘strong kung fu’ a panda gets when it switches its diet from bamboo to cannabis? Why yes, of course it is.

11.Surfin’ Smoking Savior

weed tattoo 3

We get it: you’re a big Jesus fan and maybe a Rasta man on the side, but we’re pretty sure a surfboard-wielding Bowser’s got nothing to do with either one.

12. Palm “tree”

weed tattoo 2

This is some very tropical weed, so tropical that it could be easliy be confused with a palm tree. If it was not for the big, red “420” under the “tree” it might be confused with a swaying palm.

13. Big Budda Fail

weed tattoo 1
There’s a word for people who continually get tattoos that look like their kid brother did them: “tightwad.” If you have enough money to spend on a Buddabox subscription, you have enough dough to spend on a pro artist. C’com!

14. 420 Head

weed tattoo 15

Tabitha West And Her Infamous “420” Tattoo

According to an article in the UK’s “Daily Mail,” Tabitha is somewhat infamous, not just for her tattoo, but how she tried to get the money for tat removal: she started a GoFundMe campaign for the procedure.

But that’s not the half of it. The GoFundMe campaign seems a reasonable enough idea at first, especially once you take a look at her pictures and realize this woman is not very wealthy. At all. And those laser removal procedures are pricey as hell, plus she claims she nearly killed herself over the tattoo and its placement, thanks to not being able to find a job, and being mocked for even having the type of tattoo that it is. Sensitive little soul, that one, right? And the citizens of New York aren’t exactly clamoring to change their minds on weed just yet, or else they’d have a vote to loosen their still-strict measures on medical Mary-Jane.

So, at first blush, it’s understandable to be a wee bit sympathetic. After all, we’re talking about a chick who is like a lot of other peeps: low on the financial totem pole and not sure how to get out of that position except for the attempts to get a job, even with a big “420” inked on the most visible spots on her body.


It appears, however, that Tabitha’s attempt at gathering the funds to get her ink removed is not a one-shot deal. At least if the 2000+ harsh comments on the now-defunct page were any indication. One of the comments on Facebook said something to the effect of “You had better use the money for your tat this time!”

Whoa, right?

Additionally, a dude claiming to be Tabby’s brother (though posting under the name of “Erica Avery”) wrote a message saying his sister had a mental disability of some sort, that she didn’t know what she was doing. He also tried to address his sister through this comment, saying the GoFundMe site was for people who really needed financial help in dealing with medical crises, and that she was really showing her ignorance.

Messed-up situation?

The lady who said “Better’d use the money for your tat this time” kinda hints that Tabitha might not be quite so mentally disabled as her brother claims she is. While the “420” tat location was a truly dumb move which deserves the biggest collective facepalm-eyeroll combo possible, it takes a particular level of intelligence and desire to commit any level of duplicity to even think of running any kind of scam, no matter how simple.

A 3rd Idea That No One’s Thought Of

That said, who says it was Tabitha’s idea to do two GoFundMe campaigns and scam people? The idea could have come from the rough-around-the-edges guy in one of the pictures on the Daily Mail site—the picture where it looks like he’s got his hand down her tank top. (Yeah, real classy, you two! This is a British newspaper! ;-))

Presumably, it’s her lover or husband. But no one’s questioned the guy and his role in this big drama, have they? The focus is all on Tabitha and her 420 tat, so it’s natural to think it’s all her. And if both Tabby and her hubby (common-law or otherwise) are doing it for attention, well, it looks like they’ve got it.

On the other hand, it just might be all her idea. So the question remains: is she truly as mentally challenged as her alleged brother says she is (hence the somewhat off-the-wall notion that it might have been her guy’s idea), or is she truly intelligent enough to be duplicitous and take everyone for a ride?

Since her GoFundMe page is defunct, the world may never know.


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