16 Things To do While High So You Won’t Get Bored

things to do while high

It is common knowledge that a little weed makes everything better: music sounds prettier, food tastes more delicious and stand up comedy routines actually become funny. It is almost as essential as strain selection, or choosing the exact means with which you get your THC fix – edibles or good old blunts. You might run out of ideas of things to do while high, we are here to help!

16 Things To do While High

So, to save you the trouble, outlined below are a number of quality ways for you to spend your high.

1. Listen To Music or Make Music

Everybody knows that weed makes music sound great. It is an almost transcendental experience, every instrument sounds fuller, more rich, and you’ll swear that you hear notes that you had never heard before. The music listening experience is almost infinitely better if you listen certain types of music; chopped and screwed rap, for example. It’s a similar experience when you’re producing music; music simply sounds better when you’re high.

2. Just Chill

It might sound boring, but you gain a lot of insight into life and society when you’re stoned. Nobody seems to understand why, but some people have claimed that they found previously difficult theoretical textbooks more understandable after a smoke session. Or, as our friends from the movie How High so eloquently put it; “study high, take the test high, get high scores”

3. Movie Marathon

The worst possible movies are bloody hilarious when you’re high.
Sometimes, the worse the movie, the more laughs you get out of it.

Even the good movies get a depth that you hadn’t previously noticed.

4. Enjoy Nature

If you have a park near you, or even a little garden, go outside. Enjoy the sunlight, the wind on your skin, the birds chirping and the rustle of leaves.

Take in the beauty of nature and even the most mundane things that you had previously taken for granted take on a new beauty and you’ll get a sense of peace and communion with nature.

5. Go Swimming

Your nerve endings are increasingly sensitive when you’re high, so any activity that involves tactile stimulation is even more pleasurable.

Go to the beach, a pool, or just soak in your tub or a jacuzzi. It’s doubly relaxing and, who knows, you could discover a scientific break through in there and get money to buy even more weed. Which is a win win in anybody’s book.

6. Art

Weed has been the inspiration behind many great works of art. Some of the greatest albums have been made under the influence, as has some great paintings. Creative writing is also much easier, and cannabis has been a known cure to the dreaded writers block. Aside from it’s uses though, being creative while high is just plain fun, and should be tried at least once in a lifetime.

7. Work Out

Doing any sort of workout when you’re high feels amazing. You have an awareness of your body and how it works that you would never have otherwise. The usual workout precautions apply here though; stretch, know your limits, stay hydrated.

8. Have An Argument With Somebody Who Is Sober

It might not be fun while you’re doing it, but the aftermath is pretty damn epic. You will both be on different wave lengths with hilarious misunderstandings and convoluted as hell thought processes. For added points, there should also be an audience. Mark that off things to do while high bucketlist.

9. Meditate

When high, it’s pretty simple to close your eyes, and drift away. Meditation has been known to reduce stress, improve clarity, and boost your immune system. Along with the potency of weed in reducing pain and anxiety, meditating provides even more benefits to people suffering from anxiety or chronic pain when it is combined with weed.

10. Read

We’ve noted earlier that cannabis seems to help with understanding theoretical stuff and studying but it’s effects also extend to books read for pleasure. You’ll will not get the level of immersion and suspension of disbelief that you do when high any other time. In a similar vein, reading lyric or narrative poetry when you’re high will blow your mind, you’ll get an understanding of the way words are put together, and why they were put together in that exact manner. It also gives you a fair bit of insight into the mind state of the author while he or she was writing.

11. Food

While everything tastes good when you’re high, you will want to take advantage of your heightened sense of… Well, everything and try new and exotic flavors and sensations. Buy exotic fruits, try new foods and drinks. Or you could go to the nearest fast food outlet and get one of everything. It doesn’t matter because it will all taste super great.

12. Play Some Retro Video Games

Forget life like graphics and go retro – the older the better. The sense of nostalgia is worth the trade off of visual quality and easily beating games that seemed so difficult when you were a kid gives you a sense of God-like omnipotence and satisfaction. Which, let’s face it, everybody wants. Next on the list of things to do while high…

13. Tidying Up

A bit unconventional as part of the list of things to do while high, but cleaning while you are buzzed will make you more thorough, and really kills the whole monotony that makes chores such a pain. Cleaning up also gives you a sense of accomplishment, which is also great for bonus points.

14. Get to Know Yourself

Being stoned changes your perspective on a lot of things, your relationship with your friends, your views on current events, and, most importantly, yourself. Confront your self image, find out how you really view yourself behind the pretense and false bravado. You’ll be a better person for it.

15. Massages

It doesn’t really matter if your giving or receiving the massage, it is twice as blissful and relaxing as when your are sober. It also creates a deep bond between the giver and the receiver and a sense of communion that is almost spiritual. So the oils, light up some sweet smelling incense and get to massaging.

16. Sex

Having sex when you are high is the ultimate sensual experience. We have talked about the heightened sensation that accompanies getting high, and the sense of communion you will feel. Now, add that to sex – an intensely pleasurable activity in its own right and you’ve got the making of a sensual explosion. Every touch is intensified and you can reach a level of communion with one another that is almost mystical.

That’s out list of things to do while high, you got any good ideas?
Let them in the comments!


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