5 Best 420 Friendly Destinations Around the World!

420 Friendly

There’s no denying that the current political climate has gone completely bonkers, to say the absolute least. Chances are, you’re looking to escape someplace that’s a good deal more chill, mellow and relaxing. And what could be more 420 friendly than a place where you can pull out your weed ‘weapon’ of choice, and not be given the evil eye?

Weed legalization is fast becoming a thing across the world, though it’s obvious some places have yet to catch up to the times. This being said, we have a fantastic list of places for you to try out. Of course, it’d be difficult to see each one all in one go, unless you have plenty of moola, and it’s best to pick a place and savor it anyway.

So without further yakkity-yak, here is that list:

1. Jamaica. Yes, we’re putting on our Captain Obvious hat here, but hoisting anchor for the Caribbean just to pay a visit to Bob Marley’s stomping grounds is always a good idea. Jamaica just legalized weed back in 2015, so feel free to enjoy Marley’s favorite smoky sacrament without truly worrying about getting into trouble, especially if it’s two ounces of weed or less.

 420 friendly Portugal

2. Portugal. Believe it or not, this country legalized not just pot but other drugs as well, and thus doing a fine job of showing up the Netherlands. So even if you’ve made a pilgrimage to the other meccas of marijuana—Jamaica and Amsterdam—Portugal is the next sweetest 420 friendly stop.

420 friendly Uruguay

3. Uruguay. If you can’t quite make it to Portugal, you can always give Uruguay a try. Uruguay’s rather a secondary pioneer, because while they haven’t legalized all drugs, weed is the one drug they’ve managed to legalize fully, medicinally and recreationally, for some time now. One place you’ll want to have a look at is Montevideo, with its Art Deco emphasis and super-white sandy beaches.

420 friendly Colorado

4. Colorado. This may seem like no-brainer, but it’s one of a tiny handful of states that has legalized weed…up to one ounce that is. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to be 21+ years old before trying to hit up a dispensary. The Paint Mines Interpretive Park is an incredibly colorful—and ancient—spot for testing out a new strain you’ve not tried yet. You can also go even while sober and they’ll still be amazing!

420 friendly Canary Islands

5. Canary Islands. Finally! Something truly worth tweeting about! This exotic locale off the coast of Spain is one of the best places to find a place to take a hit of your favorite bong. A huge cannabis community has long thrived here since the original “hippie days” in the 1960s, and Spain has been quite busy relaxing the weed laws. For a truly relaxing vacay in this area, try a swim in the rock pools at Garachico, or hike the ancient forests of the Anaga Mountains.

There are other 420 friendly places around the world, but these spots truly take the top five slots for popularity, beauty and a host of other attributes. So pick your destination, pack your bags  and get ready to roll, in nearly every sense of the word.


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