5 Stoner Destinations You Should Visit Before You Die

Around the world in 420 days

Holidays. “Vay-cays”. R&R. No matter how you slice it, everyone has the desire to just pack up their bags and leave the daily grind behind—even for just a tiny bit. And depending on who you are and what your lifestyle is, you may have specific places in mind, right?

Especially if you like to bring along a bag of your favorite green stuff. No, not money—though you’ll obviously need that to defray the cost of your getaway. We’re talking weed. Thanks to many countries loosening their anti-drug laws, there are more places now than just the usual “meccas” of marijuana where you can get your toke on and not get into too much trouble with the local “Barney Fifes.”

This list is for both longtime reefer-rollers and those who are only just starting on their journey through space. Naturally, there are two classic locales that are musts for your bong-centered bucket list, but there are three others that you might not have thought of.

So…let’s get rollin’ shall we?

1. Bongs In Barcelona, Spain


Yes, you read that right: Spain has essentially decriminalized marijuana use, particularly in Barcelona. Now, you might want to do a little digging as far as what the latest 411 is on that city’s laws, as some website info might be outdated by the time you get around to getting passports ready—hey, things change in a global-internet minute sometimes! But the most recent report is that the city has a thriving cannabis culture overall, as does the entire country of Spain. So definitely do your homework on the state of the Spanish hash–as well as learning actual Spanish–before leavin’ on the next jet plane.

Of course, marijuana isn’t the only thing going for Barcelona. Beaches and other touristy places abound, and apparently it’s a great place to pick up a hot date if you’re flying solo. Naturally, if you and a potential date have cannabis in common, so much the better. You’ll not only burn weed, you just might burn up those Barcelona nights in another way entirely!

2. Aiming High in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


It used to be that Amsterdam was the one place in the world (other than perhaps Jamaica) you could get completely baked without getting booked. Now, it is the grand duchess of “dutchies,” continually setting the standard for the rest of the world in being the uber-relaxed hash haven that it is. After all, Amsterdam inspired the people of the northern section of Oakland, CA to call itself “Oaksterdam.” Talk about setting the cruising altitude bar super-high, right?

Now, here’s the funny thing about the Netherlands: there’s been a bit of a recent legal dust-up concerning cannabis. The country just about passed a law banning sales to toking tourists. However—and it is a big bong’s worth of “however”–local jurisdictions were allowed whether or not to allow sales of the heavenly hash.

Naturally, between Amsterdam being Amsterdam, and the fact that entrepreneurs often know the way of the financial Force, they said “no way” to denying tourists the opportunity to get baked on baked goods. Because in their town, cannabis brings customers, end of spreadsheet-story. And the continuation of cannabis sales in Amsterdam means it remains the famous “Temple of Toke” that it’s been for decades.

Time to fly over there and make a burnt offering, wouldn’t you say?

3. Tropical Tokin’ in Kingston, Jamaica


This is the other classic City of Cannabis, and the main place to fly off to if Amsterdam’s European climate doesn’t sit well with your Caribbean-loving self, or if you’re just itching to light up a joint and dance the warm Jamaican nights away to the classic sounds of reggaeton and steel drums on the beach. Sounds like the life, right?

What’s odd about this famous place for potheads is, marijuana is officially a legal no-no, but since the famous five-leafed plant is essentially the unofficial symbol of Jamaica, many folks come to pay more than a good bit of homage to Bob Marley by taking pot-smoking tours. You might wanna light up in front of your tour guide though, just to let ’em know you’re not gonna narc on anyone. But then, of course, you’re here reading this list, so you’re more likely to get baked on the beach than anything else.

4. Rocky Mountain High—Denver, Colorado


Yes. It was inevitable, people. It was inevitable that, at some point, the good citizens of Denver, CO would come to their senses and essentially decriminalize the one thing that would likely inspire pot-related puns based on the old John Denver hit. Especially since that song’s the unofficial (or is it official?) theme for the entire state.

And come on, let’s face it. Whether you’re a bong freak by the creek, or you’re seeking to be at one with Nature sans the spliff, living or traveling in the United States without visiting the Rockies just once—even just simply for the jaw-dropping, tear-jerking mountain majesty—is tantamount to a cardinal sin.

Think of it this way: if Bilbo Baggins brought “old Toby” to the Rockies, he’d never leave, and who could blame him? Because mountains, Gandalf! That’s why.

Seriously, though, thanks to Colorado’s ballsy legislation, you could easily say that someone managed to move the entire range of the famous mountains in order for people in the US to travel to a place where they can light up their marijuana, medical or otherwise, in relative peace and quiet, with all the sunshine on their shoulders they could ever soak up on one vacation.

5. Driftin’ in the Dreamtime—Nimbin, Australia


Never heard of this cannabis-crazy town before? Well, now you have. It’s a cozy spot in the mountainous area of New South Wales (what is it about mountains and weed?) where hippies moved to in the ’60s and got just baked enough to decide not to leave. Ergo, they created a haven for hash lovers.

Now just in case you didn’t know already, the “Dreamtime” is the Australian Aboriginal version of the Otherworld–or Heaven, as you might call it—where we come from, and where we go when we die. And to the indigenous tribes, the Dreamtime is the real Reality, mate–not this crazy planet we walk on.

You might think they’ve just gotten into some really good weed, but when you consider that Nimbin itself is a hippie happenin’ that has a pot-celebrating festival called “MardiGrass,” among other events, the concept of the Dreamtime is definitely worth rolling up into a philosophical joint and smoking on for a while.

Oh, and the MardiGrass festival? It includes something called the “Hemp Olympics,” with sports such as Bong Throwing and Speed Rolling, among other events. You just might find yourself applying for a visa just to live there for a while and enjoy the purple haze through the eyes of the people of “Oz.”

These are just five potential locations for you to try out, but there are plenty more out there to help fill your passports—and your bongs! So put your chairs and trays in an upright position and get ready for takeoff!

What is your top stoner destination?


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  1. I would love to go to Jamaica. The beach, the sun. The weed. Oh my god. That would be a beautiful vacation I think. I mean, I’d love to visit Spain, and the Netherlands too, but I think somewhere tropical and relaxing and smoking on a beach would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

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