6 Cannabis Vaping Tips for Beginners

Even if the research is still not clear on the effects on our Health of the long term use of Vaporizers, there is an overwhelming evidence indicating that vaping is much healthier than smoking,

Here are some vaping tips for using herb Vaporizers correctly for an exhilarating (and healthier) vaping experience.

1.  Flawless Grind

Getting a good grinder is a prerequisite for an exceptional Vaping experience. Grinding weed has to be done in a way that achieves balance and consistency. You cannot get the most out of Vaporizer if particles are not too finely grinded. The finer grinded the better the Vape. Keep in mind that the herb has to be dry-moisture is no good.! Getting a quality grinder is the most effective way to grind herbs into the best quality for an enjoyable Vaping experience.

2. Using minimum quantity for maximum relish

Vaping has the distinctive advantage of requiring lesser herbs when compared with smoking. When you choose to vaporize, you may not require as much weed as is required for smoking. Putting too much of weed in the heat chamber of vaporizer is not only wasting weed, but you have to keep some space in the heated chamber for the air to go through. In any case you do not need to put a lot of your stuff in as  you get the same effect from using half or even lesser. If you forcefully put too much weed in, you would undermine the efficacy of the vaporizer as it would not heat the weed uniformly.

3. Regulating heat and vapor quality

The temperature control of a cannabis(herb) vaporizer is fundamentally instrumental to the grade and quality of your vapor. The degree of temperature affects the quality of vapor that is produced. Vaporizing is an alternative to smoking that eliminates the downsides associated with burning. Vaporizing would give off dense vapor at increased temperatures. Typically, dense vapor is produced when vaporizing with temperature that exceeds 200C+. However, for a thin savory vapor, we propose vaporizing at temperatures between 190-195C. For dense vapor, temperature of 230-235C would be appropriate(be careful not go above 235C—you might end burning your stuff). Getting digital vaporizers help ensure precision and desired vapor. For effective regulation of vapor, we propose technique called vapor tasting and stepping. This technique allows for you to regulate vapor from low temperatures to high temperatures while determining the vapor quality.

4. Preheating for consistency

Preheating your machine is ideal for an enjoyable Vaping experience. Preheating the vaporizer before you put your weed in, guarantees that the entire weed is consistently heated which would trigger the release of quality aromatic flavors for your vaporizing pleasure.

5. Choosing you preferred inhalation technique

Inhalation of vapor is a very intricate part of the entire Vaping experience and can be conclusive as to whether it is enjoyed or not. Taking relaxed and heavy draws can be very gratifying as opposed to frantic shorts draws. Ultimately, the draw style you eventually adopt would be determined by your personal preference and experience from Vaping sessions.

6.  Cleanliness heightens experience

Keeping you vaporizer clean is important to the quality your Vaping experience. Vaporizers have to be kept clean to avoid retention of remains which is constituted by frequent use. Cleaning your vaporizer helps remove unwanted remains that can affect the quality and aroma of vapor.

Have fun with your Vaporizer !


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