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    Country Star Toby Keith Writes Song About Marijuana, Asks Willie Nelson to Join In

    Country music sensation  has written a song about marijuana, and watching the video, you’ll see a truly familiar face amongst both marijuana enthusiasts and music lovers: Willie Nelson. Depending on where people sit concerning Toby Keith’s music and country music in general, let alone conservative or liberal values, this situation may shock and surprise people […]

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    States That Have Legalized Marijuana Experience Drop in Police Searches

    As a result of marijuana legalization in 2012 by Washington and Colorado, traffic searches have dropped considerably, reducing racial disparity in those drops, according to recent police data. That said, the reduction is not by much, as blacks and Hispanics are still searched more frequently than whites. Because traffic stops have played a strong role […]

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    Canada’s Justin Trudeau Introduces Bill for Marijuana Legalization

    Justin Trudeau

    While the United States drags its heels about legalizing marijuana, Canada is seeking to be the first nation in the industrialized world to make cannabis fully legal, thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new legislation. It is not quite to the Parliamentary stage yet, but the legislation is expected to pass, making cannabis fully legal […]

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    On the Medical Marijuana Front, Six Senators Fight for Federally Legal Cannabis

    Six senators have divered from the usual federal stance on legalizing marijuana, at least concerning the medicinal use of the plant, and are declaring that it’s time that the federal government get in step with what the American people want. This group of senators is actually diverse, ideologically speaking, making their cries for unity all […]

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    3/4 Of American Population Wishes Trump Would Respect State Marijuana Laws

    trump marijuana

    State by state, marijuana legalization, particularly for medicinal purposes, is becoming a reality. But federal legalization remains elusive since it seems the perspectives of certain people on the federal level, particularly President Trump and his administration, are not matching up to the attitude of a majority of Americans. The Trump administration, including attorney general Jeff […]

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    Medical Marijuana Not Allowed on Florida Airport Grounds

    Despite a majority of Floridians wanting medical marijuana decriminalized, and several cities allowing small portions of medical cannabis, federal law still prohibits people from taking their much-needed medicine on board a plane. Adding to this continued prohibition, Orlando International Airport has now banned cannabis from ever entering the airport at all. For the many people […]

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    Cuba Continues Refusal of Legalizing Marijuana, Says It “Fuels Trafficking”

    cuba cannabis

    While Mexico is legalizing marijuana for medical purposes, Cuba remains resolutely against such legislation. According to a Cuban government official, the legalization of marijuana “fuels trafficking,” therefore restrictions on marijuana will not be loosened. Antonio Israel Ibarra, the Secretary of the National Drugs Commission says that the Cuban government has seized three times the amount […]

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    Louisiana State University Wins $3.4 Million Medical Cannabis Contract

    Medical marijuana research is finally getting a foothold, thanks to a sizable contract between an independent research contractor and the Louisiana State University Ag Center for growing medical marijuana. The bid proposal offer entails the payment of $3.4 million or 10% of all gross receipts, depending on which sum is bigger, and that’s not the […]

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    Medical Marijuana Now Officially Legal In Mexico

    mexico legal

    People in Mexico who require medical marijuana now have a real reason to celebrate. After a 347-7 vote on April 28th in the lower house of the Mexican Parliament, and a 98-7 December vote in the Mexican Senate, President Enrique Pena Nieto signed and released a bill legalizing medical marijuana. This is truly a historic […]

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    The Opioid Crisis Could Be Solved With Cannabis

    cannabis could replace opiates

    For centuries, cannabis has been used to manage pain. And it has only become stronger and more potent since its medicinal purposes were discovered, especially when one considers the variety of cannabis-infused products available in states with medical marijuana programs. Some drug companies, in light of the fact that over half of the nation’s states […]

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    Flower Growers Are Moving On To Cannabis

    growing cannabis instead of flowers?

    Because of the financial hit sustained by California flower growers due to cheap flowers that are imported to the United States from South America, local officials in Monterey County are helping these struggling growers to focus on a different kind of yield. Many California vineyards are making room for cannabis cultivation, so why not flower […]

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    Americans Want The Feds Out Of State Marijuana Laws

    keep the federal government out of state marijuana laws

    A new poll released by SurveyUSA and commissioned by Marijuana Majority reveals that 76% of United States residents want to see Donald Trump adhere to his campaign promises to leave states’ rights alone in relation to marijuana laws. The cell phone poll was conducted among 1,500 Americans between June 19th and 20th. Currently there are […]

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    Marijuana Arrest Rate In DC Exceeds Pre-Legalization Numbers

    marijuana arrests in DC

    In 2014, voters in Washington DC made their voices heard, and their collective voice spoke clearly in favor of legalized marijuana. Three years later, thanks to Congress blocking DC from creating a recreational market for the plant, sales remain illegal. And there have been more arrests made for illegal sales than there were before the […]