Can Marijuana Treat Back Pain?

marijuana back pain

Back pain is one of humanity’s most common musculo-skeletal ailments. We can experience anything from menstrual cramps (well, about 50% of the human population,  that is, and that’s a once-a-month dealio) to neuropathic pain stemming from car collisions and other accidents, and seemingly anything in between, such as the sometimes unavoidable pain associated with fibromyalgia and other autoimmune ailments.

And quite often the more serious back pain will sometimes evade the highest allowable dose of ibuprofen or other analgesics, yet maybe ease up with the help of an excellent chiropractor. But what do you do when you’re not at the chiropractor’s office or don’t want to bombard your liver with more painkillers than it can stand, let alone risk getting addicted to opioids? We’re not referring to your body’s own opiates that arise out of a response to pain. We’re talking about those opioids, one of which a certain TV doctor was addicted to something fierce.

Can Marijuana Treat Back Pain?

More and more, people with bad back pain, chronic or not, end up turning to the aid of Nurse Mary-Jane, and with good reason. Cannabis has been proven to reduce inflammation, which is often the source of pain to begin with. How does this work? Well, without throwing a ton of science-y jargon at you too fast, let’s put it this way:

Agonists (chemicals that act on things) for the CB-1 receptors, such as your healing homies THC and CBD, as well as your body’s own well-known endocannibinoid called anandamide, bond with those CB-1 receptors and go to town with sending those lovely cannabinoids throughout your body to work their magic.

How Will Marijuana Help My Back, Exactly?

If you’re not entirely convinced yet, check these results out:

  • Reduced or eliminated back pain, allowing you to be more active.
  • You can ditch the use of potentially addicting opioids (if you’re already on them).
  • You can ditch all other horrible side effects from other medications and OTC pills.
  • Reduction of anxiety, depression and insomnia connected up with chronic back pain.
  • All-around better quality of life.

Do I Need Any Particular Medical Marijuana Strains?

What are Marijuana Strains you may ask? Cannabis comes in three different varieties, Sativa, Indica or ruderalis. Each “strain” has it’s own properties (read “Indica vs Sativa: 8 Ways They’re Different” for more information) There are strains that really zone in on inflammation and knock it out of the park. Of course, you may have to try one strain or another to find the right one that will work best with your physiology. And you might have to experiment with both smoking and non-smoking dosing options. And yeah, that’s a lot of experimentation.

But the good part is, unlike the meds your doctor might prescribe, the only known “bad” side effect might be the munchies along with a bit of dry mouth.

Here are 3 Marijuana Strains known for healing properties:

  • AC/DC Just as the super-hard-rock jams of the classic rock band of the same name can be catharsis for emotional pain, the hybrid strain called ACDC can help you say adios to back pain. All thanks to its fast one-two punch of both THC and CBD. Weed with high amounts of both these cannabinoids tend to make the most powerful painkillers. That said, there are strains with a higher CBD-to-THC ratio that assist with pain, if you don’t want the high, so you can always try those, if they’re available to you. They’re kinda new to the strain roster, so they might be a bit difficult to obtain.
  • Blackberry Kush. This strain name alone sounds delicious, as is the relief you’ll get from this THC-heavy indica. Yeah, you might get a bit couch-locked with this strain, but at least it’s the weed that’ll be couch-locking you and not your back pain. And like many indicas, Blackberry Kush will help send you to Dreamy-time with a smile on your face because insomnia will be a thing of the past.
  • Harlequin While this strain won’t go around calling you “Puddin’” like the character Harley Quinn, you might well wish it would, thanks to this sativa-heavy strain. It’s fantastic for not only giving you the usual clear-headed euphoria associated with sativas, but also for decreasing inflammation from arthritis and other similar ailments. How’s that for daytime self-medication?

There are many other pain-relieving strains out there, of course, but these three are top heavy-hitters that will help reduce the inflammation and nerve issues that come with various types of back pain. Again, you’ll have to do a lot of experimentation, but at least you’ll have a handy excuse to make 4:20 your medication time.


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