Cannabis Buses Aren’t As Welcome In Vegas As You Might Think

In an endeavor to capitalize on legal adult-use cannabis in Nevada, as well as reach tourists who want to try something different, some companies are looking to bring so-called “roach coaches” to the streets of Vegas. The purpose is to essentially curtail the policy within the language of the law that states that consumption can only occur on private property-by picking people up in buses where they can toke to their heart’s content. However, these companies are hitting some obstacles as they work toward getting these ventures on the road.

There is a little-known law on Nevada’s books that dictates that nobody can ingest cannabis while inside a moving vehicle. No matter what the vehicle is, and whether or not the driver is actually partaking in the cannabis themselves, it’s a no-go. But is that stopping these companies, who see such great profit potential in the pockets of Sin City tourists? Absolutely not.

“None of the casinos, hotels or bars will allow consuming marijuana for years, if ever. The bus solves that problem by providing a safe area to consume the product in a social environment,” says Nicolas Hogan, co-owner of GreenRush Puff Bus. His company currently has an application under review with the Nevada Transportation Authority. The NTA is responsible for regulating private bus companies and ride-hailing companies throughout the state.

Deputy Commissioner for the NTA Jennifer De Rose says that, for now, how these matters will be regulated is still fairly unknown, stating that “this type of application has not been heard.”

The gradual rise of these businesses has prompted Clark County officials to issue an official warning to entrepreneurs like those behind GreenRush Puff Bus. The warning announced that renting private busses, limousines or other vehicles cannot be used as a method of ingesting cannabis in public.

“The county is joining with the Nevada Transportation Authority and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in enforcing these laws in unincorporated Clark County, including the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding resort corridor,” said Clark County spokesman Erik Pappa.

This is a stark contrast to how Colorado handles these matters. Adult-use cannabis has been legal in the state for three years. These cannabis tours have become fairly well-established in areas like Denver, where the demand is high. Loopr Coaches, for instance, has a fully decked-out bus with large screens and extra-large seating. Their tours make stops at dispensaries, restaurants and hotels. For cannabis enthusiasts who want to partake in public without breaking the law, services like Loopr Coaches are very popular.

With companies like Loopr in mind, it’s easy to see how one could come to the conclusion that such a vehicle would certainly have its place cruising down the Strip.


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