Cannabis And Coffee: The Best Of Two Worlds, In One Pod

Is there anything better than coffee? Well, some would say cannabis is. Others, however, don’t see why we can’t combine two of America’s favorite substances into one super-beverage that provides both the energetic lift of caffeine and the calming effects of pot. The company Cannabiniers has found a way to make this happen: with infused K-Cups like you would use in your Kuerig coffee maker. The product, known as BrewBudz, became available as of Tuesday.

BrewBudz is praised as a one-of-a-kind patent by Cannabiniers, and does more than lift you up. Their pods, which differ greatly from most that you will find in the store, are completely biodegradable. When composted correctly, these pods can break down over the span of mere weeks-which is a significant step up from the hugely negative environmental impact of traditional K-Cups.

If coffee isn’t your thing, or maybe you’re not looking for a caffeinated pick-me-up all of the time, don’t stress! BrewBudz also offers pods of tea and hot chocolate-all infused with pot. The intention behind this invention is to allow users of the plant to consume their pot in a discreet manner. We all know that smoking isn’t a very low-profile way to get your high, and edibles aren’t for everyone either.

That is where BrewBudz comes in.

“What we are aspiring to create is the normalization of cannabis consumption in a way that integrates with consumers’ already established habits and lifestyles,” said Cannabiniers president Timothy Walters.

The 61% of the American population that drinks coffee consumes as many as 600 million cups of coffee each day, which is no surprise. For some pot enthusiasts, it’s a part of the morning routine to have a bowl of your favorite strain as a pairing with your coffee, but this isn’t always possible. If you want to get your day started off on the right foot, but don’t want others around you to know what you’re up to, BrewBudz has got your back.

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