Cannabis Feast For The Curious Is First Of Its Kind In Sonoma County

In Redwood Grove in Sonoma County, over 150 people gathered to enjoy a gourmet meal that was served in a secret location. While Chef Jeff (also known as “The Julia Child of Weed”) performed marijuana magic in the kitchen by infusing delectable entrees with America’s favorite plant, guests mixed and mingled over cocktails. Psychedelic-roots music was played by a live band called Moonalice to entertain them as they prepared for a first-of-its-kind feast: A cannabis feast for the “canna-curious.”

“We’re really on the cutting edge of something new this is the end of prohibition,” declared JeffThe420Chef from the kitchen as he put the finishing touches on the spread.

In the past, marijuana edibles have been-for the most part-limited to typical baked confections like brownies and cookies. But in this day and age, where cannabis use has become more accepted than ever and more individuals are “coming out of the weed closet” to become a part of it, things are rapidly changing. Chef Jeff is one of many ganja gourmets who want to see America’s favorite plant have a place at the dining table.

A canna-watermelon gazpacho was served as an appetizer before dinner, as guests imbibed on infused cocktails. roasted Cornish game hens with onion drenched roasted potatoes and CBD zucchini-green papaya nests were served as the main course, with a tiny dose of cannabis at the request of the participant. At any time, they could order “virgin” dishes and were advised to pace themselves over the course of the meal.

“Everything we’re infusing we’re infusing with anywhere from 1.5 to 2 milligrams. So by the end of the night, everyone is going to have only 10 milligrams. That’s the most that I’ll serve and that basically will make you feel like you’ve had a glass and half to two glasses of wine on an empty stomach,” Chef Jeff explained.

The event was thrown to celebrate California voters bringing in an era of legalized adult-use cannabis, a law that will be going live in 2018.

Photo by Dennis Wong


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