Cannabis Health Index book new resource for Holistic Healing

Author Uwe Blesching has compiled a comprehensive one-stop resource for marijuana patients.

When it comes to researching the medical benefits of marijuana and how it can be used to treat your medical marijuana photoailment, it is easy to get lost among the multitude of resources out there-some of which (like academic sources) require subscriptions to view. Ever since parts of the United States began to seize their state’s rights regarding the cultivation, distribution and usage of medical marijuana, more information is available than ever before. This is a fantastic development, not only for patients but for doctors, growers and advocates who wish to be a part of this process. However, you can end up wading through hours of questionable blog posts and resources that only present abstracts of these findings.

To meet the need for factual and accessible information, Uwe Blesching has penned the Cannabis Health Index, This one-stop resource aims to provide the scientific findings necessary to make the most educated choices about your consumption of marijuana as a medical treatment. Combined with text from these specific studies, Blesching also implements a “leaf” system to help the reader decide if marijuana can be an adequate treatment for their condition. The leaf system uses one to five leaves to indicate whether it’s possible, probable or actual that marijuana can treat their ailments. Based on the findings cited, which add up to a point value based on their information, Blesching gives an overall Cannabis Health Index (CHI) score to further assist readers.

It is important to bear in mind that Blesching is a mind-body writer, who places a lot of emphasis on mindfulness techniques. This might be a wonderful trait for those who believe in spirituality and the mind’s healing effects on the body. For those who seek something strictly fact-based, however, it may seem like a lot of useless information to go through.

Regardless of the mindfulness techniques, blessings and other holistic treatments mentioned throughout his book, Blesching does incorporate heaps of scientifically-backed information and resources, which is highly valuable at a time where misinformation is so widely spread.


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