Caviar Gold & Cavi Cone: World’s Strongest Pre-Roll?

Caviar Gold

You’ve likely heard of Caviar Gold right? It’s the top-dollar, top-shelf stuff that’s also known as “moon rocks” and can technically be made by anyone with access to high-quality nugs, BHO and kief, even if you have to take a while to collect the ingredients.

You might also have heard of pre-rolls: cannabis cigarettes that are often in cones, but also come in regular straight, cigarette-like shapes, and are sold by dispensaries, cannabis clubs and other producers. Pre-rolls, in and of themselves, have a bit of an iffy reputation because what’s inside them can be such a crap-shoot. They could have good or bad shake (the tiny crumbles of leftover bud at the bottom of nug jars), and you also might run into disreputable types who put in trim and pass it off as good shake, leaving you to smoke a pre-roll that tastes like a campfire and makes you have a coughing fit that would do someone with COPD much credit.

Then there is Caviar Gold. (Insert royal fanfare music!)

Caviar Gold: What’s In a Brand Name?

Caviar Gold is a California-based company that began in the pre-2010’s with an apparently clear-as-crystal mission with sky-high standards: create some seriously top-notch cannabis caviar with equally top-level THC content that’s fit for those who physically need the royal medical marijuana treatment of all that THC, or simply want the absolute best high they could possibly ask for during their lifetime.

Their chief product, for which they are best known, is called “Cavi-Cones”: pre-rolls filled with the ultimate in THC content and flavor (they have multiple flavors, such as vanilla, strawberry, grape, and many others), and according to those who have taken even just one toke of a Cavi-cone, the product is worth every. Freaking. Penny!

If Scrooge McDuck Smoked Weed…

While they’re on the pricey side (avg price is around $15 per pre-roll), they’re economical in their own way, because even the most experienced smoker is not gonna be able to get through one of these babies, thus making your Cavi-Cone pre-roll last for quite a while. If you are anything like Scrooge McDuck, a purchase of anything from Caviar Gold would be a considerable investment, and given that the body can’t absorb more than 10 mg of THC (CG products boast much more than this amount!), well, it’s likely you can take a couple or three hits off one, let it go out, and relight it a good while later. Again, it’s worth every penny you’d spend on this, but sadly, you’ll have to practice your Scottish accent on your own.

The Secret Behind the Smoke

Since this is cannabis fit for royalty, it’s only fitting that Caviar Gold’s founder is also a wizard of an inventor, yet with a decidedly un-wizardly-sounding name:

Mike Brunson is not just Caviar Gold’s founder, but he’s the inventor of a proprietary CO2-based extraction machine, which he uses to infuse THC oil back into a cannabis plant. Then, once you crack open the bud from that oil-infused plant, there’s all that lovely oil in the stem. Once that process is completed, the oil-infused nugs are put into a vacuum where the oil is turned into wax, then the nugs are rolled in top-quality kief, and voila! That’s Caviar Gold.

“But where do those yummy fruity flavors in the pre-rolls come from? They’re not fake, are they?”

The answer? No way, dude! No fake stuff here! Brunson & Co. extract natural flavors from actual fruit—organic, no less–and those flavors get mixed in with the THC oil, then uses their machinery to infuse everything into their weed. So if Pac-Man ever wanted to get a hold of some fruity THC goodness while out on a ghost hunt, Caviar Gold would be the ultimate power pill.

While Caviar Gold has had some Game-of-Thrones-worthy trouble with posers trying to steal their royal thunder, they’ve pretty much bounced back successfully from their legal issues and have even expanded a bit into edibles, which include Cavi-Taffy and Cavi-Ranchers, perfect for those who prefer to snack rather than smoke while getting the best medical marijuana treatment money can buy.

So, if you’re looking at a sizable tax return, and you’re hoping to “treat yo’self” to some top-notch herb with a Midas touch, why not go for the gold?

Caviar Gold, that is.


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