Cinderella 99 | Marijuana Strain (Review)

When you think of the name “Cinderella,” what do you think of? It’s likely you’re mostly familiar with the sweet-yet-overworked beauty who sings like her aviary friends and believes that dreams come true, especially with the help of a fairy godmother. Cinderella 99? Is that a slacker Cinderella of the 90’s in flannel listening to Pearl Jam?

Other than Cindy’s survival spirit, however, you might even think she got in touch with a little of her namesake weed strain to be that happy in the midst of her suffering. Because seriously, a greedy, crazy-making trio like Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters would otherwise drive anyone into a straitjacket.

In this weed review, we’ll give you an intro to the fairy-tale heroine’s namesake herb strain, and let you see why it’s so gosh-darn popular.


Cinderella 99 is the result of the discovery of a marijuana grower by the name of Mr. Soul from Bros. Grimm Seeds. He’d purchased some Jack Herer in Amsterdam, and discovered some seeds in the mix. Out of one of the seeds grew a particularly potent plant he dubbed “Princess.” After quite a few breeding experiments, the result was a sativa-dominant hybrid that grew short like an indica plant, but had high yields like a sativa, to say nothing of the beautiful psychoactive effects this hybrid has. Thus, the “Princess” plant earned the name “Cinderella,” for much like the old story, Cinderella 99 was a “princess” that came from humble beginnings. The “99,” by the way, indicates how much of the original “Princess” plant genetics are in “Cinderella.”


Thanks to a level of 12-23% THC content, Cinderella’s effects are particularly potent. Because this is a sativa-dominant strain, you’re likely to experience a euphoric happiness as well as the creative energy buzz most people get from a sativa plant. So not only will you be buzzing around your house completing your own chores (even if you’re cleaning up someone else’s messes!), like the fairy-tale heroine famously animated by Disney, you’ll be singing up a storm while doing so (it can’t hurt, therefore, to throw on some happy-inducing, yet mentally creative tunes to sing along with, such as the Beatles, Jon Anderson/Yes, or Led Zeppelin—or yes, maybe some Disney tunes if you’re so minded).
cinderella 99
But another effect might be that you’ll want to find a prince—or princess—to interrupt those chores with a bit of bedroom fun, because it’s been reported that Cinderella 99 mixed with coconut oil tends to be an aphrodisiac. But no worries if you’re single. You might simply be inspired to ‘bang out’ some some erotic fan-fic, as sativa does tend to prod people towards creativity binges.

Medicinally, “Cindy 99” is great for stress and depression reduction, but also does a fair job of reducing pain. As for increasing appetite, you might want to look to a different strain, as Cinderella’s effects here are somewhat minimal. The biggest negative with Cinderella 99 is dry mouth.

Strain Parents

While the fairy tale doesn’t really mention Cinderella’s birth mother, her namesake weed strain very much mentions a mother as well as a father. Cinderella 99’s strain parents are Jack Herer, a sativa, and Shiva Skunk, an indica.


As with any fairy tale, you expect characters to have a certain powerful vibe to capture your imagination. Cinderella herself was known to be sweet and hard-working with a gentility that lends herself well to being a princess. So you might wonder, what would her flavors and smell be like if she were a pot plant? So glad you asked. Cinderella 99’s scent and flavor traits are just like her human counterpart: sweet, earthy with a flowery, citrus-y “top note” as it were that clearly reflects the happy feeling you’ll get consuming the very potent THC from this strain.

Grow Tips

While Cindy’s a sativa-dominant plant with a heavy yield, she retains her Indica-mama traits of growing short and bushy, with a flowering time of about 55 days (a month and a half, approximately), but she won’t flower until she’s about 12-18’’ tall. This said, because she’s short, she’s an indoor-grower’s dream, and her yield shows off lots of frosty buds with a distinct orange color. She makes for a good strain for beginner-to-intermediate growers to try.

History of Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 first had her “debutante” party, showing up to the Grand Ball that is the world of weed, around 1999. Soon after, however, her creators, the Bros. Grimm, dropped out of view for a time, but then came back around last year—maybe after a years’-long “midnight curfew”–to re-introduce “Cindy” (as the strain is sometimes called) to the world by repollinating the original “Princess” plant from 1999 with the P.94 generation male. They’ve since promised to keep these specific seeds “on the menu.” Talk about a second coming-out bash for good ol’ Cindy 99!

Does Cinderella 99 sound like it’s straight out of a fairy tale where all your happy hash dreams come true right after you think about them? With this strain’s potent THC levels as indicated by the lovely frosty trim, it might as well be, taking her rightful place as ‘princess’ among weed strains.

Put Cindy 99 in your bong, vape or joint, and let the coronation ceremony begin!


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