4 Top Rated Dugout Pipe for Stealth Weed Smoking

Because weed is still illegal in many states, or you’ve got some seriously anti-weed relatives (despite you being in a state that’s legalized weed a long-arse time ago), stealthy weed smoking is going to be a thing for quite a while. A dugout pipe is a great option.

Hence the need for not just one-hitters, but a way to take both your one-hitter and your weed in a handy “to-go” container. After all, even if you’re simply a medical marijuana patient, you’re going to want your herbal nurse with you at all times, right? Right.

So, what we have for you today is a list of four top-rated dugout pipes for the best imitation of a stoner James Bond you could ever be without being a spy for Her Majesty.

Ah, but what if you’re a noob who’s never seen a dugout pipe? Also simply known as “dugouts,” these handy gadgets are kind of “all-in-one” containers for both your weed and your one-hitter. Some are made of wood, and some made of acrylic, but they both have the storage component thing in common. Some even have handy metal “pokers” for cleaning your one hitter. Now, there are plenty of YouTube vids out there to teach you how to use this kind of thing, so we won’t go into it. Our job today is to show the best-rated models out there.

Ready to get going? Let’s do this!

1. Tonalli Composite Cigarette Case & Box—Blue Unit

dugout pipe

Made of a composite plastic, the Tonalli composite cigarette case and box with an attached, springloaded lid is a good start for a beginner, or anyone who’s on a budget but wants and needs their weed with them as often as possible.

This particular unit, being a light blue, can actually “show” you how much herb you have left in the storage unit, if you hold the container up to the light, so you don’t have to do quite as much “to fill or not to fill” dithering as you might with a completely opaque box.

Now, what you might want to watch out for is that while the spring is supposed to pop out your “bat” (aka one-hitter), on this model, the spring may be faulty, and the bat won’t pop out as it should. But few have reported this as a problem, so the person who did report on it might have had one that got past QA at the factory.

As we said, this is something of a “budget” model, so you’ll only be paying $7.99 for the item: good for the weed enthusiast who doesn’t want to take a more expensive unit on a trip someplace, or for someone who just can’t afford much else.

2. World’s Best Hitter Box: The Original & World Famous Zombie Survival Kit For Smokers Dugout Pipe

dugout pipe

This is pretty much the ultimate in dugout boxes. Not only is this an on-the-go stealth weed smoker’s dream, it’s made with industrial strength nylon, and holds not one, but two one-hitters, both in black, so you can be the ultimate zombie-fighting, weed-smoking machine and still have that “James Bond” feel to your experience at the same time. After all, from a distance, a black one-hitter can look like a mini pen-light, right? Just add a tuxedo to the whole outfit, and bam!

Plus, there’s plenty of room in the weed compartment for a good amount of ground-up herb, and right next to the two one-hitters is a small poker meant for cleaning up your one-hitters when you’re done. “But why two one-hitters?” you ask. Hey, sharing your weed during a stressful time such as a zombie apocalypse is the only thing to do.

But even if you’re not fighting zombies, you can still add personality to your dugout pipe with a cool sticker, or if you’re into super-fancy artsy swag, go for an airbrushed picture. Oh, and because this thing is made of industrial nylon, you can wash and dry this thing easily. And because of the tight-seal top, the box can survive either an accidental dunk in the hot tub, or a powerful run through the washing machine.

Another plus is the fact that the one-hitters have a cool-to-touch feel to them. No more singed lips or fingers, which alone makes the cost of the entire item absolutely worth it.

And the cost is what? $29.99 + $2.99 shipping. You’d think that because of all these cool features and sexy appearance, this dugout would be hella expensive. Not really. Not when you consider that a budget model might be more likely to break, and you’d have to keep buying replacements. So the price for this unit is not an expense, but an investment in the enjoyment of your favorite herb.

3. 3” Green Anodized Aluminum Cigarette Case & Box by Green Goddess

dugout pipe

• The box is made of anodized aluminum, which indicates not just a sleek look (emphasized by the lovely green color), but also a sturdy construction.
• Spring-loaded design, with a metal bat included.
• Adjustable swivel cap top.

Because the item is currently unavailable, there is no price available to mention, so you might have to do some digging, which might include swinging by the Green Goddess website.

Amazon review said it was a good solid purchase, though they mentioned the lid was loose-fitting. They didn’t say how loose, as compared to any other model, so you may want to take their review with a grain or three of salt. Plus, they claimed the metal bat would shoot out of its compartment when the lid was moved. To remedy this, you can hold your hand over the spot where the bat comes out in order to catch the rocketing one-hitter.

4. RYOT: Large (3”) Wooden Magnetic Taster Box—Black Unit

dugout pipe black

For discerning dugout enthusiasts, a wooden dugout pipe is likely the one piece that can truly assist in blocking odors, to say nothing of looking as fly and fashionable as the industrial nylon dugout. If you get the maple instead of the black, you’re also pretty golden, as the maple is truly amazing at blocking unwanted odors, allowing you true stealth.

What this box comes with:

• Magnetic poker & lid.
• Storage for your herbal goodness.

Sadly, this box does not come with a bat, but there is storage for one, and it fits all standard bats (3”). Which means you can get any color bat you want, really.

There are other dugout pipe available on Amazon, but these seem to be ranked the highest, with the best odor protection, no harmful fumes (one dugout was really bad according to at least three reviews) and no chipping away of any paint, etc. So if you’re in the market for some smooth sativa-smoking stealth, these four dugouts are sure to make your inner “spy” very very happy!


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