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Quick Visual Guide: Ounce of Weed

ounce of weed cost

If you’re new to the world of weed, you’re probably wondering how an ounce of weed costs, especially if you aren’t able to purchase from a dispensary in person. Bummer, right? Right.

You’re likely having to rely on delivery services or even getting some good dank from a “friend of a friend.” So it’s important to know how much weed costs in each of the following weights: gram, eighth, quarter, half and a full ounce, aka “a zip.” It’s especially crucial if you’ve been a medical marijuana patient for a while and you need to know exact dosings so you’re not getting too much or too little, particularly if you put your health herb in edibles, which takes some exact measuring.

That said, if you’re a first-time buyer and you need medical weed, you might not know precisely how much you need. So, it’s always a good bet to start low at first—between a gram and 1/8.

How Much is an Ounce of Weed?

Yes, newbies, we hear your yearnin’ for the learnin’. There’s an answer for that. Check this out:

• 1 gram = 1-2 joints’ worth.
• 1/8 oz = 3.5 grams
• ¼ oz = 7 grams
• ½ oz = 14 grams
• 1 full oz (1 “zip”) = 28 grams

Now, don’t tell me you don’t need math to get by! Just know, however, that when purchasing weed, sativa buds tend to be lighter and more “fluffed out.” Indica buds, on the other hand, are more compact, so you’re going to possibly be getting less weed for each weight category if you tend to favor indicas or indica-dominant hybrids.

Let’s move on to the real meat of this article, how much is an ounce of weed?

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The Cost of Weed

How much you end up paying for weed depends on availability, location, growth method and other factors that are out of your control. Also, be very aware if you’re purchasing weed in person whilst in the City of Angels: some legal dispensaries are “capping” their 1/8 weed prices at $30 so they can capture the budget conscious market. This sounds good, especially to the frugal types that like two kinds of green: money (or, more accurately, keeping it) and weed.

But not so fast, big shot! These dispensaries are likely working a legal loophole and may, in fact, be thought of as illegal, because they’re not on the list of stores that have what’s known as Pre-ICO status. Plus, watch out for these types of dispensaries because there is too much potential, at this low price point, for pesticides and herbicides, as well as mold growth and low-potency. Major yuck! As long as you are buying weed, be good to yourself and get quality bud, man!

So, let’s go over the cost of each weight of weed, shall we? These numbers aren’t exact, just because you might not be living in a state that’s even considered legalizing it, let alone merely decriminalizing the stuff.

But the dispensary numbers are more or less based on Colorado dispensaries. Your own ‘hookups’ may be higher or lower, of course, based on where you live. And just like most goods, the more you buy, the cheaper the price. Gotta love it!

Here you go:

1 Gram = $15 (at most) from the dispensary; street prices are $15-20. Here’s a rule of thumb: if it’s a smaller amount, you’ll inevitably end up paying more.

1/8 oz = $35-$50 for just this tiny amount, coming from a dispensary. Street-wise, however, that weed will run you between $40-$60. Add in any other factors and you’re looking at $70 or more.

¼ oz = In a dispensary, you’ll likely be shelling out upwards of $90, but on the street, you’re looking at $120 at most, depending on where you live.

½ oz = Right here is where you’re going to see the discounts a-comin’. As we said before, the more you buy, the more you save, but here’s the caveat: you might as well move to CO by this point, in order to get this level of a discount. Keep in mind that visitors to the dispensary are only allowed 7 grams, which is ¼ of an ounce. So at a CO dispensary, be prepared to shell out $150, tops, for ½ oz of weed. The street, however, won’t be giving any discounts today, ladies and gents. The cost there is going to be $140-$180.

And finally, how much is an ounce of weed? This will cost you upwards of $300 on the high end at a dispensary—and let’s face it: that’s a lot of ganja, regardless of whether you buy it from a dispensary or the street. Oh, and the street cost, by the way, will run you around $350, on the upward scale.
Granted, if you live in a state where just about everyone and his dog seems to be against legalizing weed (usually among the uber-religious, uber-moralistic states), then you will most definitely be paying through the nose, unless you have some pretty sweet hookups.

North Dakota is one of those states, unfortunately, where an entire ounce of weed costs…wait for it…$387!! Yes, it’s the highest amount among the various states that haven’t seen fit to make weed legit. That price would make anyone want to move to a weed-legal state, even if they didn’t actually partake in the stuff, but simply supported others who went ahead and blazed up some bud.

Hope this article helped answer your questions about how much weed is worth per weight measurement. Yes, we gave you the CO prices, but hopefully that will light your fire to keep fighting for federal legalization, let alone at state-level where you live, if only to keep everyone is moving to CO all at once.


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