Let Potbot Pair You With Your Perfect Medical Marijuana Strain

The development of artificial intelligence has been used to enhance numerous aspects of our lives, and the applications of it are evolving all the time to meet new goals and expectations. Now, artificial intelligence can be used to help you find the perfect medical marijuana strain for your symptoms.

Potbiotics has introduced their latest contribution to AI tech: Potbot, an artificial intelligence service that helps you to find the best medical marijuana for your specific needs. To do this, Potbot searches through medical journals to find studies on cannabinoids, which are the active compounds in the marijuana plant. By looking through these peer-reviewed findings and comparing a list of 37 symptoms such as cancer and insomnia, this ingenious creation pairs you with the most effective strain out of a list of 30,000 branded strains. David Goldstein, Potbiotics’ CEO, states that the company has earned $5 million thus far, thanks to the fact that using Potbot is totally legal.

Because the application has no involvement with the plant itself, it is completely fine for anyone to use. It’s even available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Goldstein considers medical marijuana to be a lifelong passion of his, which first came to the forefront of his life when a member of his family fell ill. According to Goldstein, she refused to consider using marijuana because she felt that it was not a “professional experience.” Leafly and Weedmaps already existed at this time, but Goldstein felt that these services were not aimed toward medical consumers.

Already possessing a business background, Goldstein knew what he had to do to get this project off the ground. He had to convince his father, Baruch Goldstein, to get involved. Baruch has a PhD in Mathematics and had already completed work that involved pairing artificial intelligence with medicine. David says that it was an uphill battle to convince his father, but when he met some medical marijuana patients that his son introduced him to, he realized the value in it. “He realized if you take a real medical approach it was the same,” David said of his father’s change of heart.

For the time being, Potbiotics is focusing on the New England area. This is because there are a host of challenges to offering this service to individuals in a large country where legal regulations and local availability can differ dramatically.


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