Marijuana Education Is Coming To The University Of Maryland

The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy is joining a growing number of other universities that are offering training to prospective future employees within the medical marijuana industry. This school joins the University of Vermont College of Medicine’s Department of Pharmacology in bringing an educational standard to individuals who wish to develop careers in the increasingly accepted and highly lucrative industry. Magaly Rodriguez de Bittner of the school’s Center for Innovative Pharmacy Solutions emphasizes that the university wants to “be there as a resource” for students who are considering entering into the field. Sign up for this training began on June 29th.

Through their online platform, the school will be offering training toward certifications that are required by the state to be involved in this business. Americans for Safe Access, an advocacy group, are working with the university to make this happen, and will be bringing their own trainers into the program. The university has vetted these instructors thoroughly before ensuring their presence in this unique certifications program. Americans for Safe Access also will be providing the curriculum itself, which has been adjusted as the university deemed appropriate.

The involvement of Americans for Safe Access has brought this program to fruition long before the school could have done it on its own. The creation of such a curriculum, and the vetting of instructors to educate prospective workers, could have taken months, if not years, without the non-profit organization’s help.

Rodriguez de Bittner is quick to remind participants and others that the implementation of this program is not an endorsement for marijuana.

While the state does not demand any specific training for doctors who may want to prescribe the plant to their patients, it does enforce rules regarding certification for growers, processors and other individuals involved in the cultivation and sale of marijuana.

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