Marijuana And Motherhood: Eaze Reports Surprising Findings

In this day and age, where over half of the United States has embraced marijuana legalization either on a recreational level, medicinally or both, the stigma surrounding America’s most popular plant is decreasing at an unprecedented rate. From online communities to television shows and movies, marijuana is the talk of the country in ways that would have been completely out of the question in the Reefer Madness-influenced era of America’s past. As more and more people open up about their own marijuana use, patterns of information are starting to form to give us a better idea about who the average marijuana consumer really is.

And according to new studies, that consumer might be a woman-and possibly a mother, too.

Eaze is a marijuana-related technological company that facilitates delivery of the product in areas where it is legal. They have also recently conducted a survey of their average consumer-and the findings might surprise you.

Of their average consumer base, Eaze found that highly educated and gainfully employed individuals are the most significant portion of the clients who utilize their services. Nearly half of all respondents record an annual income of $75,000 or more. The vast majority of these consumers are millenials, with most of them being women as well.

Most surprisingly of all, perhaps, is the fact that one in five of all respondents-that’s twenty percent-were parents. 63% of parents that responded to Eaze’s survey reported using marijuana on a daily basis.

“Think about how often a mom reaches for glass of wine or takes Tylenol or pain killer for a headache or back pain,” says Sheena Shiravi, head of PR for Eaze, who is not the least bit surprised to learn that so many marijuana users are mothers.

Some mothers are opting to medicate with marijuana and its derived products, such as CBD oils, as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs that can make it difficult to function as a parent. Benzodiazepines such as Xanax, which are prescribed in the treatment of anxiety, can have this effect-which makes a parent reluctant to take it when they are in charge of a vulnerable, tiny human.

Shiravi points out that women use tinctures and CBD-based treatments, which do not have the same psychoactive qualities that the other component of the plant, THC, possesses, at a far greater rate than men do. In fact, women use such treatments 42% more often than men, which Eaze officials believe is a surefire sign that women are incorporating marijuana more often into their health and wellness regimens.

Check out this article from Refinery29 for some stories from mothers who use THC and CBD-based treatments.


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