Cannabis Gym Opens Up In San Francisco

Former NFL running back Ricky Williams and entrepreneur Jim McApline have teamed up to create Power Plant Fitness, a San Francisco-based gym with high ambitions. Ever since he was eighteen years old and lifting weights in his parents’ garage, McApline has wanted to create a space that blends the benefits of cannabis with the full-body benefits of a good workout. Now that dream has come to fruition, with plans to expand outward into other California markets in the near future.

Power Plant Fitness takes a “fitness first, cannabis second” approach to how the plant integrates with exercisers from all walks of life. Sparking up is only permitted in specified areas of the gym.

McApline’s goal is to essentially introduce a new type of culture to fitness enthusiasts in California, similarly to how CrossFit reinvented fitness in its own way. The gym comes staffed with cannabis experts who administer “cannabis performance assessments” to new clients. They work with the client to figure out how cannabis affects them, and then proceed to build a workout routine around their goals and the results of this assessment. Doctors will also be present to issue medical marijuana cards on an instant basis, through the assistance of partnering area dispensaries.

McApline wants to make it clear that this is not the kind of joint where you just laze about in a cloud of marijuana smoke.  First of all, due to the harmful effects of smoke itself, gym staff encourages individuals to vape the plant instead. Micro-dosing is also encouraged, and some clients are advised not to use cannabis at all for their workouts. It is all done with the client’s needs in mind.

Products made with the non-intoxicating CBD compound of the marijuana plant are also available to clients, as are hemp-based rubs. “This is not a ‘stoner gym’,” McAlpine is quick to clarify, and the abundance of services available at Power Plant Fitness makes this abundantly clear.


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