Olivia Newton-John Is Opting For CBD This Time

Olivia Newton-John fought and won against breast cancer in 1992 after chemotherapy treatment and a partial mastectomy. Since then, a whole lot has changed in the world of cancer treatments, and Newton-John intends to make good use of the availability of marijuana as a treatment option in the face of her recent diagnosis of breast cancer that has spread down into her lower back. Her daughter and cannabis grower Chloe Lattanzi posted on Instagram: “She will be using medicine that I often talk about. CBD oil! (Cannabis has scientifically proven properties to inhibit cancer cell growth) and other natural healing remedies plus modern medicine to beat this.”

In addition to CBD oil, she plans to use photon radiation therapy, an alternative to traditional radiation therapy that minimizes one’s exposure to the radiation itself.

Newton-John has been a supporter of her daughter’s ambition to grow marijuana and even gave her the funds to start her own company. This was a part of Chloe’s “fresh start” after a grueling battle against disordered eating and substance abuse. She credits her marijuana business with helping her to stay on the healthy track and move past the problems in her history.

Studies have shown that CBD, the non-psychoactive component of the plant, may slow the spread and growth of breast cancer cells. The American Cancer Society advocates further research and discovery into the world of marijuana as a viable treatment option for those afflicted with cancer, which claims 600,000 lives per year in the United States alone. Already cancer patients have been using medical marijuana in states where it is allowed to treat the side-effects of chemotherapy, especially the nausea that this aggressive form of treatment can cause.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are essential in many sufferers’ fight against cancer, but researchers are looking for less invasive ways that won’t damage non-cancerous cells or place the immune system in a compromised position as these treatments do.

Of her decisions regarding her health, long-time friend of Olivia Newton-John’s, John Farnham, said, “She told me she is feeling good and confident of a total healing.”

Photo by Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer


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