5 Top-Rated One Hitter Pipes for Stealth Weed Smoking

Much as we’d all like to hope that everyone gets on board the “Weed is Not Evil” train, there are still quite a few stragglers, to say the least. For one thing, not everyone’s down with the smell of weed smoke, or smoking in general is viewed by some people to be just plain wrong, morally, etc, regardless of the source of the smoke. So, necessity being the mother of many an amazing invention—and weed smokers are known for creativity—we have for you 5 top-rated one hitter pipes for stealthy weed smoking.

Now, granted, one-hitters are not just for those who want to keep their sativa smoking secret and safe. One-hitters are good for first-time introductions to the ganja goodness, just so beginning weed smokers can get used to feeling the effects of weed in general. But thanks to many one hitter devices looking like regular tobacco ciggies, even the beginners can start their journey through the valley of mind-expansion without getting preached at, or worse, thrown in the slammer.

1. 3” Reusable One Hitter Aluminum Tobacco Accessory

one hitter weed

This reusable accessory looks like a regular cigarette, and is made by the Green Goddess company. Though it’s available via Amazon, it’s rather like the “Highlander”: there can be only one company licensed to sell Green Goddess products: the Green Goddess company itself. So if you see anyone else trying to sell stuff with that name, it might just be a counterfeit.

Because aluminum is durable, you won’t have to worry too much about this thing breaking too soon into using it, even if you drop it a few times. And it’s small, so you can fit it into most jeans or trouser pockets with no problem. If you’ve tried one-hitters before, you’ll see that this model has no screen, and a small hole. What’s equally sweet is that it’s an inexpensive piece to carry around with you, so you can take this item with you to a party, and if someone takes and tosses it into the trash without thinking, you can always get another.

In fact, it’s low-cost enough that you might want to order several one hitter pipes to have on hand, just in case, or even to give as a present for a birthday or Christmas or something.

2. Formax420 Cigarette Holder W/Cut Saw Teeth—3-pack

one hitter saw


If you’ve never seen a one-hitter with teeth, this will be an interesting experience for you. Now, apparently, the large teeth on this style of one hitter gives the user a faster burn, at least according to one Amazon customer, so if you need to preserve your weed as much as possible, that may be something of a drawback. However, these are not only 3” long, but they’re supposed to be one hitter pipes, so it’s likely a faster burn was what Formax420 had in mind.

Onto price, model availability and shipping. You can get this item as a 2” or 3” model, but let’s just say this: getting the 3” model in a 3-pack means you’ll only be paying 51 cents + $4.49 shipping (if you get just one 3-pack set). Yeah, pretty sweet deal, especially since these things are made of a nice sturdy aluminum. That said, you might be waiting up to two weeks for your order to arrive, so if you want to give these things as gifts to the newest hash homies in your posse for the holidays, planning ahead for that arrival time is a good idea, even if you have to put sticky notes everywhere as reminders that you actually ordered the things.

Like the Green Goddess company that makes the previously mentioned item, the Formax420 company is the only one that sells this specific item. What’s cool about this is that there is an anti-counterfeit code included with your order that can be entered into the Formax420 website. So for all those who like keepin’ things real, you can’t get any more real than anti-counterfeit codes.

3. Formax420 Reusable Cigarette Holder—3-pack”

one hitter reusable ceramic

This item doesn’t have teeth, and it is a slightly different design as far as the thing looking like a regular cigarette, but it does come in a lot of three to an order, so if you want to have an item that looks more like an actual cigarette without any identifiers that might be too “eye-catching,” this is the model to get.

According to one of the Amazon reviews, the material is ceramic instead of aluminum, which would account for the slightly higher price of $5.99 for the lot of three. You can get the 2” model, which is a bit cheaper, but not by much. It was said on Amazon that this model heats up pretty quickly to the point of maybe “overheating,” but the person who said that didn’t give any real basis for comparison, so if you order this item and test it out for yourself, along with other reusable one hitter pipes, your results may differ. If they do, all hail science and experimentation, right? Right.

4. Formax420 Spring Cigarette Holder—3-pack


Looking for an easy-to-clean reusable one-hitter? Then Formax420’s spring cigarette holder might be just the thing for you to try.

Like the other Formax products, this item comes as a lot of three holders. The only difference between this and other holders is the spring mechanism for easy ash dumping. But that’s the big stuff. You’ll want to take the thing apart and use a pipe cleaner to get any residual, smaller stuff out, just in case.

“But I’ve never used something like this before. How do you load this thing?” you ask. You load your weed into the white end, then after putting it all back together, light as you would a regular cigarette.

As for price and shipping, because this item has a spring in it, plus other removable parts, you’re going to be paying a bit more for this item: $6.99 for three holders. However, you’ll get free shipping with this item, and of the customers that reviewed this item on Amazon, this item ships and arrives quickly, so you’ll be up and puffing away faster than you will some other models.

You can get the 2” model, by the way, but it’s only 50 cents cheaper, so you might as well splurge that extra 50 cents and get the 3-inch model.

5. Formax420 Reusable Cigarette Holder W/Cut Saw Teeth—2”, 3-pack

one hitter reusable ceramic

This is pretty much the same holder as Item 2 in today’s article, only it’s the 2” model.

So, the pertinent things you need to know for this model is that if you want the 2” model in a three-pack, you’ll be paying way more than if you get the 3” model. How much more? We’re talking about a $6.48 difference, as the 3-pack of the 2” saw-teeth model is $6.99. Yeah, quite a difference, indeed.

We’re not entirely sure why there is such a price gap between the two, as the size difference is only about an inch, and the size of the saw teeth is the same, and the cigarette holder is made of the same material. That said, the 2” is likely handy as a true one-hitter because it is smaller, so you’re truly not taking as many hits, even if you’re trying to “stretch out” the weed in the holder and make it last.

Like the other Formax models in this article, however, this model includes an anti-counterfeit code for making sure you’re getting the “real McCoy,” as it were, which, in a way, does make up for the fact that like its 3-inch sibling, the 2” holder can take up to two weeks to get to your house.

So there you have it: those are our top-rated one hitter pipes for stealth smoking. Some Amazon reviewers have said, with one model, they get more than just one hit, but it’s likely their hits are kind of small. So the current adage may be spot-on: “Your Mileage May Vary.”

Try one of these items out and see what you think. Or get all five at once, be super-scientific, and get together with buddies to test each one out in the name of pure personal research. Even if you don’t actually write anything down (hint to smoking noobs: it’s called couchlock for a reason), you can still say you tested the above items and you definitely likely have a specific opinion. Happy smoking!


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