Oregon Purges Customer Records Amid Threats of Cannabis “Crackdown”

The United States’ federal government has been a source of great anxiety for professionals in the legal cannabis industry. The appointment of anti-pot minion Jeff Sessions as attorney general and his subsequent attempts to revive the dying war on drugs has especially got hands wringing over what the future of legal cannabis could be. What does this so-called “crackdown” mean? How will it impact companies in both the recreational and medicinal sectors? And how will it affect consumers? Oregon has decided to get ahead of one concern by purging all records containing identifying information of cannabis consumers throughout the state.

Senate Bill 863, authored by Sen. Floyd Prozanski, prohibits cannabis dispensaries from recording, retaining or transferring any and all customer information. An emergency clause was placed within the language of the bill, causing it to go into effect immediately.

Some customers and dispensaries are not happy about this, as many pot shops offered loyalty points programs for frequent customers. All of those points and all of that information are gone now, out of necessity.

This is a pre-emptive move on the state’s part, says Rep. Pam Marsh. “I think the takeaway is that we needed a defensive game, a just-in-case strategy.” She’s also stated that the state Legislature is taking steps to make it easier to suspend store or personnel licenses in the event that they are caught engaging in any illegal behaviors-like sending their cannabis products to the black market for sale.

“We wanted to show the feds we’ve taken every step we possibly can to show that people that are involved in the pot business are doing so legally, and we’re providing the proper oversight,” Marsh stated. Senate Bill 1057 requires cannabis growers and processors to track cannabis from seed to sale, a process overseen by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. The bill aims to keep cannabis strictly within the legal market through the use of an anonymous database.

“We don’t want to inspire them to come after us,” clarified Marsh as she spoke of SB 1057.

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