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    Nevada Ran Out of Marijuana, California Has Exact Opposite Issue

    We’ve seen the trouble Nevada got into with running into a marijuana shortfall back when the state legalized recreational cannabis, and dispensaries ran out quickly. California, on the other hand, is experiencing just the opposite problem: there are more people growing cannabis than there are people using it. The rate of growth is about eight […]

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    California: How Much Cannabis Is Too Much?

    there's a cannabis surplus in California

    While we hear about legal cannabis shortages such as those occurring in Canada and what recently transpired in Nevada, some growers are having the exact opposite problem: Too much weed. California’s land lends itself as a spectacular place for agriculture, so there has been a lot of growing going on. Executive Director of the California […]

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    Cannabis Growing Facility Faces Setbacks After Act Of Vandalism

    cannabis growing facility vandalized

    There is a lot of preparation, dedication and frustration that goes into establishing any kind of business. This, of course, includes the ever-expanding world of cannabis related enterprises. As a business owner prepares for opening day and readies their business to hit the ground running, unpleasant surprises can cause progress to come to a screeching […]

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    Delaware Resident Seen As “Robin Hood”, Charged With Breaking Regulations

    Robin Hood, the fabled 12th-century nobleman who robbed from the rich to give to the poor, seems to have something of a “kinswoman” in 21st-century Delaware resident Jessica Andreavich. The only difference is that Andreavich has been found guilty of helping people too much with medical marijuana items. Andreavich, a medical cannabis user herself, has […]

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    Senate Measure Favors States’ Rights Concerning Medical Cannabis

    In a move that seeks to hamper Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ threats to come down hard on cannabis, a Senate panel has managed to push forward a measure that blocks the Department of Justice’s ability to what amounts to violating states’ rights. The Senate Appropriations Committee voted on an amendment which essentially protects medical marijuana […]

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    California Considering A Public Bank For Serving Marijuana Companies

    Recreational marijuana is on the verge of becoming legal in California, and various people in the state government and across the cannabis industry are tossing around the idea of public banks: financial institutions run by the state, where profits could be re-directed towards state programs and other needs of the people. Additionally, cannabis businesses could […]

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    MS Society Wants Legal Cannabis For Pain, Spasticity Symptoms

    cannabis for MS

    The MS Society, a major multiple-sclerosis charity, believes that sufferers of MS should have access to medical cannabis, and are now pushing for it to be available via prescription in the United Kingdom. Their claim is that one of every ten patients can benefit from the therapeutic benefits of the plant as it reduces both […]

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    Washington’s Pot Industry Has A Huge Waste Problem

    1.7 million pounds of pot plant waste ends up in WA landfills

    When it comes to legal pot, there are quite a few numbers that might come to mind, like tax revenue generated by pot sales, or statistics related to changes in crime rates after legalization. But there is one number that is often overlooked: 1.7 million pounds. No, those pounds aren’t in cannabis-but wouldn’t it be […]

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    Cannabis Legalization Is Coming To Canada, But Montreal Is Making More Cannabis Arrests Than Ever

    cannabis arrests are on the rise in Montreal

    Despite nationwide legalization drawing nearer with each passing day, law enforcement in one Canadian province doesn’t yet seem to be entirely on board with the changes that are happening in the country. In Quebec, and most specifically Montreal, cannabis-related arrests are actually on the rise. This might not necessarily be so surprising, if not for […]

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    Recreational Cannabis Is Gaining The Support Of Michigan Voters

    recreational cannabis

    A controversial ballot proposal is gaining support in the state of Michigan at a tremendous rate. The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol wants to bring a ballot to the people that could bring legal, recreational cannabis to Michigan. The ballot committee, which is led by the Marijuana Policy Project, has received a total of […]

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    Cannabis Buses Aren’t As Welcome In Vegas As You Might Think

    cannabis buses are not a hit idea in Vegas

    In an endeavor to capitalize on legal adult-use cannabis in Nevada, as well as reach tourists who want to try something different, some companies are looking to bring so-called “roach coaches” to the streets of Vegas. The purpose is to essentially curtail the policy within the language of the law that states that consumption can […]