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Pineapple express strain

It would be no surprise to us that many people have likely chosen to take a ride into the world of stoner culture via the ultimate reference–the Seth Rogen flick “Pineapple Express”–and have taken it upon themselves to find their way towards the eponymous strain name and find out what the fuss is all about. If the Pineapple Express strain is your first flavorful foray upon arrival in Cannabis-land, then set your baggage down (be it mental and/or physical), and read on to find some serious “Aloha!” vibes in this guide to one of the sweetest strains around.


Pineapple Express has to be one of the most (in)famous strains floating around out there, thanks to the stoner movie of the same name. Interestingly enough, many people claim that, upon smoking it, it’s not as “dope” as the movie claims. That said, it’s a strain that’s good for weed newbies to try, as it’s reputedly not as hard-hitting as other famous strains tend to be. Its concentration on the sativa side of things balances out the indica line coming from the Trainwreck, so Pineapple Express relaxes you and brings pain relief without the couchlock.

It’s moderately easy to grow, though more tropical-dwelling people will be able to grow it outdoors than more northern folks, who may have to grow it hydroponically. Those who’ve smoked it regularly often report high levels of creativity and focus, so it’s a good strain for artists and musicians, or anyone who struggles with ADD/ADHD issues.

Read on for more details of this relaxing train ride of a flavor.


Common results of riding the Pineapple Express strain are:

  • Chiefly cerebral effects, with the subtle indica aid of pain relief, minus the usual indica-induced couchlock.
  • Focus, creativity, awareness
    Depending on the phenotype, the THC content can range from 15% to a whopping 26%, and some phenotypes emphasize CBD.
  • “Creeper” high. It may take a few tokes to experience the full-on effects. Ergo, if you put Pineapple Express into edibles, definitely watch your intake, because it takes way longer for the THC to enter the bloodstream if in food form. In other words, it may take the “high train” a while to leave Sobriety Station.
  • Aids in relieving depression, stress and pain.

Pineapple Express Strain Parents

Like that kid on the “other side of the tracks,” Pineapple Express has something of a complicated parentage:

Trainwreck: a flavor-rich hybrid consisting of Mexican and Thai sativas bred with equally exotic Afghani indicas.

Not to be outdone, the other parent, Hawaiian, is a sativa that truly lends its daughter strain a flavorful reason for anyone’s tastebuds to do the hula at a weed-centered luau, and of course, if anyone gets the munchies, you can always go fancy and serve a pig with an apple in its mouth. Or, barring that, ham and pineapple pizza from your favorite pizzeria.


Thanks to its complicated parentage, Pineapple Express strain has a lot to bring to the party, especially where its Hawaiian parent is concerned. This said, there are sweet, flavorful strains that disreputable dealers are passing off as the real Pineapple Express, and though the real deal does have some pineapple essence, it’s not as apparent as you’d think, lending credence to the consistent report among experienced connoisseurs that the buds smell less like pineapple and more like apples and mangoes.

Grow Tips

According to Leafly, you might want to have a bit more experience with growing weed before attempting to cultivate your own P.E. plants. Clone clip cultivation (say that three times fast) is possible, but due to P.E.’s popularity, you can get seeds straight up from an online seller.

If you want to grow P.E., it will do best in as close to its tropical origins as you can get, especially if you plan on growing the stuff outdoors. That’s not to say you can’t recreate such conditions in a greenhouse. When growing outdoors, harvest time is usually mid to late October, and if cultivating indoors, harvest time tends to happen in 7-8 weeks.

Pineapple Express tends to be a rather pungent strain in the vegetative and flowering stages, so you’ll want to install some sort of odor control, such as ionized air filters or exhaust fans, if you need to keep your ganja growing on the downlow.


Let’s face it, the eponymous movie called “Pineapple Express” has kind of clouded this strain’s origins to the point where it’s become difficult to believe a lot of the rumors. G13 Labs has the strongest claim, but even so, it could be that someone found a fruity strain that had a pineapple-ish smell and named it after the movie. This said, the strongest genetic connection is that a Cinderella-99 variant got crossed with Trainwreck and that’s pretty much all anyone can say. In which case, you could easily dub Pineapple Express as a “ghost train” of a strain.

Whether or not you’re familiar with Pineapple Express because of the movie, this strain is one aloha-filled train ride away from depression, anxiety, pain and creativity blocks. Who wouldn’t dance the hula about that, we’d like to know!


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