Pot, Like Pizza, Can Be Delivered To Your Door In CA

January of next year will be the beginning of recreational marijuana sales throughout California, and lawmakers are working on drafting up the rules and regulations that the adult-only use program will be conducted under. Legislation that is under consideration will set standards for organic pot growth, allow for the distribution of pot samples at county fairs and permit home deliveries of the plant and other cannabis-infused products.

After months of negotiations regarding the state’s budget bill, this piece of legislation was tucked into the paperwork this week.

“One of the biggest challenges we have is taking a multi-billion-dollar industry out of the dark and now into the light,” said Senator Mike McGuire of Northern California, where the land is commonly used for cultivation of the plant.

It is expected that pot will be handled with similar laws as alcohol, with use being limited to those twenty-one years of age and older. The budget agreement places $118 million to the startup costs of this new industry, including technical costs and staff to issue recreational sales licenses.

The same legislation also sets the groundwork for the creation of more artisanal pot-centric businesses. After all, California is the land of fine wineries and craft beer. It only makes sense that they would pursue pot in a similar fashion. Overall there seems to be great emphasis on inclusion in the state’s recreational marijuana program, and for good reason. “The more of them that can get licensed, the better off the state is going to be, the faster we’ll be able to get rid of the criminal element and the faster we’ll be able to make sure the product is safe and tested,” said Hezekiah Allen of the California Growers’ Association.

Click here for a more detailed look into the legislation that is currently under careful consideration.

Photo by Tracy Hunter


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