Sour Diesel | Marijuana Strain (Review)

Like Cinderella-99 and White Widow, Sour Diesel has become something of a legend on its own, from funky taste and smell to its challenging growth requirements, and everything in between.

So what gives Sour Diesel its odd name and legendary status, anyway? Read on and fuel up your mind with the following amazing knowledge:


Sour Diesel is truly legendary for many reasons, one of them being its particularly redolent, pungent scent that gives the strain its name and reputation, and like a complicated wild child, encountering—let alone raising–Sour-D is not for beginners, nor for the faint of heart. But sometimes, underneath the rough, stinky exterior, there lies a wealth of benefits that the surface never shows.


Despite the funky-sounding name, Sour Diesel offers quite the relaxed high that will not only have you reaching for the fridge, but also put an end to any stress, pain and anxiety, to say nothing of easing nausea and boosting appetite. The medicating effects take about 15 minutes at most, and yeah, the flavor and smell do rather remind you of diesel fuel (hence the name) but considering it’s helpful for anyone dealing with the much harsher effects of chemotherapy, for instance, or getting rid of a migraine where “Tylenol” for migraines just isn’t cutting it, that fifteen minutes of wait time is worth the funky flavor.

Keep in mind that Sour Diesel’s instantly euphoric effects are enough to make you want to go for another hit, but you might want to give yourself some time to truly savor your first euphoric hit before going in for another, just because the strain is so damned potent. Again, this strain earns a strong “Fridge Alert” warning, giving you the mondo munchies. So if you’re keen on losing weight, this might not be the strain for you.

sour diesel weed

Strain Parents

Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant strain, with 40% of its genetics belonging to an indica-based strain called Northern Lights, with the rest belonging to Chemdawg and Skunk No. 1, which are technically both hybrids. The strain creation history is more than a bit convoluted, but let’s just say that, for those who love Sour Diesel, its creation was a very happy accident.


There’s no getting around it: Sour Diesel has earned the “diesel” part of its name, because the flavor and scent is truly reminiscent of what diesel fuel smells like, despite the otherwise lemony flavor giving the famous (or infamous) bud the “sour” portion of its skunky epithet. If you relish the smell and flavor of both the diesel and the lemon (think of sucking on a lemon drop whilst walking by a railroad yard—you can taste the scent of the diesel fuel the locomotives use!), then Sour Diesel just might be up your alley.

Grow Tips

If you’re thinking that “Sour Diesel” is an appropriately edgy name for this strain, you’d be right. Just like a rebellious problem child of the streets living “on the wrong side of the tracks,” Sour D is tough to raise—most definitely not for beginners–but well worth the effort if you’re well-versed in growing pot and are willing to be patient enough to give Sour D the love and precise care it needs to give you the buds you so rightly desire.

Much like a growing teen boy needs lots of food, Sour Diesel requires lots of nitrogen and a precise soil pH balance. And Sour D tends to grow tall, so height training techniques are a must—and trust us, you’ll employ a lot of them. Oh, and Sour-D’s a wild child, growth-wise, so pruning and thinning are especially important for the sake of light getting through. And the grow time is long, so medical marijuana patients unfortunately have to wait a good while before getting their paws on the healing THC this strain provides, but it is so worth that wait.

Last but not least, if you plan on growing Sour D with any amount of great frequency, make sure you change your carbon filters, or the area surrounding where you’re cultivating this bad boy will positively stink—and it’s not like you can give a marijuana plant a stick of deodorant.

History of Sour Diesel

Just like a rebellious, complicated kid from the streets has a fascinating backstory (and come on, who doesn’t love complicated people—they’re so much more interesting!), so does Sour Diesel. Only Sour Diesel owes its genesis to a Grateful-Dead and Phish-loving creator, Chemdog, who obtained some seriously good weed from a friend of his. This weed contained 13 seeds, from which four were germinated. Three of these ended up being female, the first of which was named ‘91 Chemdawg. From this plant, Chemdog created several crosses, one of which was Chem 91 x Mass Superskunk x Sensi NL, which was subsequently named Diesel (aka “Original Diesel”).

Sour Diesel came to be, however, when someone from the University of MA, Amherst accidentally pollinated some Original Diesel with a DNL plant growing in the same room. Ah, gotta love a love child!


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