8 Stoner Inventions That You Wish You Thought Of

Proof that weed makes you creative

1. Stoner Sleeping Bag

stoner sleeping bag

Who wants to get out of bed? Not us! Why not bring the bed with you with this mobile sleeping bag! Wake and Bake all day!

2. Wake and Bake Coffee Mug

wake and bake mug

Breakfast of champions! Start every morning off with some caffeine and weed. This decadent double-hitter was created by a motivated stoner that combined their 2 loves in one! Smoke through the handle while you imbibe your energizing morning joe.

3. Broom & Dust Pan Slippers

stoner broom
Didja spill your ashtray? No worries! Put on your broom and dust pan slippers and take care of that mess in a jiff! Comes in handy if you break your bong on the floor, protects your feet from glass shards!

4. Valentine’s Day Weed Strain Sampler


Whitman’s SamplersĀ® ain’t got nuttin’ on this Weed Strain Sampler! Give your stoner sweetheart the gift of dank! Weed Strains “Blue Dream”, “TrainWreck”, “Sour Diesel”, etc. all the most popular strains! Sure to get you laid this V-Day!

5. Sleep at School Stealth Eyelid Covers

sleepy eyes
Stay up late last night getting blazed? These eyelid covers have got you covered! Snooze away at school or work and no one will be the wiser! Your only concern now is propping your lazy ass up!

6. Oven Rack Shield

stoner oven rack

Have you ever burned the shit out of yourself cooking Totino’s Pizza Rolls? Yeah, we have too. Never burn your stoned-ass again with this Oven Rack Shield! Protects your arms from those hot oven racks when you reach in the oven grabbing that delicious looking pizza-pie! Genius!

7. iHit Phone Case

Stash all your smoking gear in this odor-free phone case! Keep your rolling papers, pre-rolls or a gram in this stealthy phone cover.

8. Ultimate Stoner Bed

heating bed table
Never leave your bed again! A stoner mecca! Invite your bud brothers over to get high in style. It even has a heater under the table for those cold winter nights.


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  1. I need that sleeping bag for reasons. You got no idea. Days I’m not working and I just want to sleep around the house and not do anything I want to just zip up, walk around, sleep wherever I lay down. Get up, go get food, come back, zip up, sleep again.

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