18 Best Weed Memes of 2017

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Most Popular Weed Memes of Of All Time

We’re not entirely sure when the phenomenon of “Internet memes” began, but now that they’re in our consciousness, we’re pretty sure weed memes will never go away. They are both a type of creative expression and source of creative inspiration all at once. Lofty goals for image macros, videos, “tweets” and animated .gifs, yes?

Speaking of creative inspiration, the weed community is definitely not left out in the cold when it comes to pot-related memes—even the ones that are originally intended to mock the stoner subculture, or in the case of the last weed memes in our list of 12, an Australian provincial government trying—and failing most epically—to keep kids off weed.

So, light up some choice herb, sit back, relax and get ready to laugh your asses off at this list of 12 of the most popular weed memes. Some you might have heard of, some not, but hey, there are only 24 hours in a day, right? Right.

1. Smoke Weed Everyday

“Smoke Weed Everyday” is a meme famously extrapolated, spread and mish-mashed up into parodies and placed into image macros, all from one line from Dr. Dre’s hit “The Next Episode,” which was released in 1999. The parodies, remixes, spinoffs and macros are numerous, and many are absolutely knock-em-dead funny, such as the giggle-worthy mashup of the “smoke weed” phrase with an uptempo anime theme song.

Some image macros with Snoop and Dr. Dre’s famous line feature many pop culture icons, including “Spongebob,” Fry from “Futurama,” and even famed astronomer Carl Sagan. Yes, you read that right, cosmic travelers: Carl Sagan most definitely got high. Maybe not everyday, as he had to be cautious about usage—and the mention of such—because of his work with NASA, but if any scientist deserved to travel the inner landscapes of Cannabinoid Receptor Town, it was Dr. Sagan (RIP!).

2. ConcernedMom420
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“ConcernedMom420” is a four-year-old meme that was started back in 2012, and has long been debated to be a “troll” account. Not sure what “troll” means? In short, it tends to be someone who stirs up trouble just for the hell of it, often by taking a position that they actually disagree with.

After some definite “wait…what?” moments, you’ll find that it’s most definitely a parody account, even though it supposedly belongs to a “Concerned Mom” from Utah who wants to “ban weed,” and she’s serious about her “mission.” She denies that she’s trolling. Really? What many might not be able wrap their heads around is that she wants to ban weed, yet she happens to know about the 4:20 reference, somehow.

Something is most rotten in the state of Utah, and it ain’t the smell of the sacred herb.

3. 420 Blaze It
weed memes 32

If you’re just getting into the culture of cannabis, some of these memes are already a bit obscure, that is, unless, you’re already familiar with Meme #1, which was the Snoop Dogg reference. But “420 Blaze It?” Yeah, that’s some prime obscurity right there. So, what this particular meme is about is that it started as a humorous Tumblr edit of a one-panel comic that appeared in Belgium. The original featured a dad and daughter talking about the transmission of AIDS, but the edit switches the topic from AIDS to weed.

But what does weed memes “420 Blaze It” really mean? Well, for starters, “Blaze it” refers to a rap song called “Blaze It (The 420 Anthem)” which is largely about smoking weed, and the lyrics mention quite a few well-known strains. Secondly, the “420” that just about any cannabis consumer knows about, even on some level, can be traced back to a group of high schoolers at San Rafael High School in California, in 1971.

They called themselves “The Waldos” and 420 initially meant that that was the time they met after school to smoke weed. However, according to one “Waldo’s” story, the “420” also came to mean a lot of other things like “Do I look stoned?” or “Do you have any?”

The “420 Blaze It” is essentially a phrase to celebrate smoking marijuana, but has also been used as an ironic way to mock those who are weed enthusiasts who strongly identify with stoner subculture. So if you see this along your journey further into the wide world of weed, you now know its origins and can spread the meme joy freely.

4. Rasta Science Teacher
weed memes 10

“Rasta Science Teacher,” or more accurately, “Rasta Professor” (since it was verified within Reddit that the guy in the famous Rasta science teacher memes was an actual professor), is a series of image memes featuring a type of humor called “bait and switch.”

The top line above the Rasta teacher’s head features a Rasta and/or weed reference but the next lines on the bottom usually switch to a science theme, object or concept, such as “Rolls a joint…down a hill to demonstrate the laws of physics,” or “Lights a joint…with a Bunsen burner.” Similar “bait-and-switch” humor memes include “Successful black man/Successful Negro” and “Ordinary Muslim man.”

5. Faces of Marijuana
weed memes 11

“Faces of Marijuana” is a set of image memes that parody or satirize the hyperbolic “faces of meth” photos that anti-drug campaigns have used to prevent kids from getting into stuff such as meth, cocaine, etc. Though anti-weed parodies have been around since the war on drugs began in the 70s, the earliest mashup of the “faces of marijuana/faces of pot” meme started in 2011 on YouTube.

This runs along the same lines as the “X isn’t normal, but on meth it is” parody photos. If you haven’t seen the hilarity of these parodies, you owe it to yourself to have a peek, perhaps while high. Sober, you’ll chuckle and shake your head. Stoned? Well, who knows what kind of guffawing sounds will come out of your mouth?

6. Stoner Dog
weed memes 34

“Stoner Dog” is a collection of image macros using the image of a Russian sled dog that looks like it’s smiling, and putting all kinds of weed-related image “overlays” such as marijuana leaf symbols and “smoke” and then typing text over it. In the text are usually hilarious weed references, or at the very least, words that could hint that the dog is under the influence of ganja.

A favorite is “If you say ‘Jesus’ backwards, it sounds like ‘sausage’.” Another one is simply the very stoned-sounding quote by “Dude Crush” from ‘Finding Nemo”: “Dude…dude…duuuuuude.” The earliest macros using the ‘smiling dog’ image date back to June of 2008, but at the time, they did not reference marijuana.

The first weed reference did not come about till a year and a half later, on December 14th, 2009, when someone edited in the following text: “Totally, man!” The first mention of it on Reddit was made in Oct of 2010, with the title of “Stoner dog makes me laugh every time!”

7. 10 Guy

Stoner Stanley

“10 Guy,” aka “Stoner Stanley,” and “Really High Guy,” is a set of image macros featuring a rather red-faced lad who truly looks like he’s had quite a lot of bud–to the point where he’s at a 10 on the “How High Are You?” scale. According to that scale, a “10” includes effects such as being completely lost in though, you feel like a god, experiencing extreme pleasure, mild to strong auditory hallucinations, and the level of “concentration interference” amounts to a rather dazed exclamation of “Dude…what?”

The origins of this meme date back to 2011, thanks to Reddit’s viral awesomness, and the text on such image macros ‘illustrate’ stereotypical stoner behavior, such as having ginormous junk food cravings and being unable to string together “real-world,” logical sentences, or answering questions in ways so verbally illogical that Spock would have the Vulcan equivalent of a stroke.

Sample weed memes text might be as follows:

Q: “How do you want your pancakes?
10-Guy: “Scrambled.”

Or how about:

Q: How high are you? 10-Guy: “5’11”

Other variations have included “Conspiracy Keanu”/10-Guy mashups, 10-Guy/Koala image macro combos, and evolving into “10 Dog,” which runs along similar lines as “Stoner Dog,” except the No. 2 canine in question looks more like “10-Guy” (droopy face) than “Stoner Dog” (happy and grinning from ear to ear).

8. Stoner/Tree Comics

tree comics

Stoner/Tree Comics is a unique sort of meme series all its own. Obviously, it uses weed references, particularly the experience of actually being high on weed, but the cartoon style is very “old school” in the MS Paint sense of the term: very 2-D, intentionally “childish,” in that the creator of the comics has *no* intention of drawing “real” faces, arms, legs and torso. It could be said that the childish, 2-D images make the subject matter all the funnier.

The origins of Stoner/Tree comics are rumored to have started in 2009, but that’s inaccurate. The earliest confirmed occurrences of Stoner/Tree comics come from 2010 on the weed-centric 4chan page, simply dubbed “420chan,” and the subreddit /trees picked up and started spreading the meme love around April, 2010.

In May of that same year, someone created a tumblr blog honoring the comic series, and on July 14, 2010, a subreddit “spinoff” called ‘/r/trees’ that was dedicated to tree comics was started. That ‘fandom,’ as it were, gained quite a few followers–upwards of 30K subscribers. Stoner/Tree comics are still around, and have gained a decent level of “notoriety,” particularly on Tumblr and 4chan.

9. Hits Blunt

hits blunt

“Hits Blunt” is a particularly recent weed memes — one that started post 2010, as opposed to the ones that have roots that reach back into the late 1990s. (Hey, party like it’s 1999, yo!) It all started when some guy with the Twitter handle of “JimJones” tweeted the following:

“*hits blunt*

Do you think sand is called sand because it’s between the sea and land?”

Sober people might actually Google why sand is actually called sand, without pausing to truly reflect on the possibilities of a portmanteau (a combination of two words to create one word), but that aside, here are the origins of the meme.

“Hits-blunt” was posted around Sept. 16th, 2014, and obviously, it went crazy-viral, garnering over 4K retweets and over 3K “favorites.” The picture that accompanied the original meme features something of a side-by-side photo of two black men in hoodies. One on the left is assumed to be “asking” the question, and the man on the right appears to be “looking” towards the man on the left, a look of sheer, weed-induced confusion on his face.

This picture has subsequently been used for the “hits blunt” meme, only using different, and equally weed-induced questions, and sometimes the two men get switched around, direction wise, where the man on the right (looking left) is “asking” the question, and the one on the left (looking right) is looking confused. You’ll understand once you see the images.

Apparently, there’s no one correct way to arrange a weed-meme pic. Not when you’re posing truly, madly deeply philosophical questions the likes of which Will and Jaden Smith would approve of.

10. Dude, Weed, LMAO


There are many famous stoners from generation to generation, and a good portion of them have been in the performing arts in some capacity. One such capacity is comedy, both in film and stand-up form, and one such name, at least for the millenial generation, is Seth Rogen.

While our parents’ generation had Cheech & Chong stoner humor, we have the good Mr. Rogen, whose use of modern stoner humor and creation of stoner-centric films has earned a bit of mockery towards the stoner subculture.
Said mockery consists mainly of three words, often written in all caps (perhaps to emphasize the mockery?):


These three words are also often associated with an actual picture of Seth Rogen, and that’s the original meme altogether, but the three words have become a “template” of sorts for mocking other subcultures, with the middle word being turned into a variable: “Dude X LMAO!” Either way, the phrase has been used as “spam” and as a type of “shit-posting.”

Now that you know who inspired the mockery, you might be curious as to when and where this infamous meme got its start. It started around mid-July of 2014, in the one place where all snarky internet rudeness begins: the cauldron of said internet snarkiness known as 4chan, on their /tv/ board, which included mockery of Rogen’s specific comedy tropes. It then grew as a way to refer to people who were weed defenders and enthusiasts.

So next time you see this mockery meme, you might be inspired to smoke some herb and continue the weed memes story in your own way.

11. We Get It, You Smoke Weed

We Get It, You Smoke Weed

This is a weed memes created, quite obviously, for the purpose of making fun of people who quite unashamedly, unabashedly express their love for cannabis, either in clothing, accessories, or both. Begun on Twitter, the meme starts as a couple lines of text, invariably saying: “I hate people who dress like this…we get it, you smoke weed,” and then underneath the text, there will be an image of someone, be they fictional or real, all dressed in green for the sake of lovely irony.

A particular meme variation caught fire on June 7th, 2015, when someone posted a pic of the elder monarch Queen Elizabeth II dressed in a fetching mint-colored skirt-suit and one of her famous broad-brimmed hats, dyed in the same delightful shade of green.

And of course, paired with that image were the infamous words: “I hate it when people dress like this…we get it, you smoke weed.” Interestingly enough, June 7th is the day Her Majesty’s birthday is commonly observed, so it could be said that the meme’s popularity coinciding with her choice of garb was truly serendipitous, because it’s not at all likely that Her Majesty’s habits include smoking any ganja.

12. Stoner Sloth

“Stoner Sloth” is a character created by Australia’s anti-drug campaign, created by the global creative group Saatchi & Saatchi. The PSA campaign originated in the province of New South Wales, premiering on Facebook in mid-November, 2015. The campaign features people dressed as sloths that allegedly show the difficulties of performing simple tasks when under the influence of weed. Each video ends with the words “You’re Worse on Weed.”

These people have got to be joking, right?

The spread of this hilariously stupid ad campaign was begun on the 15th of December of that same year by a YouTuber who posted a “Stoner Sloth” compilation video, which garnered over 3 million views, and then the video spread further: Redditor “snowsoftJ4C” submitted the video to the subreddit called “/AccidentalComedy.”

Four days later (yes, that quickly), a YouTuber with the handle “quollism” created a parody video of the Stoner Sloth ad campaign warning people of the dangers of too much salt. On December 27th, another YouTuber named Lewis Spears created a video called “Stoner Sloth: World’s Worst Anti-Marijuana Campaign,” and in April of this year, the Fine Bros’ series “Teens React” featured the Stoner Sloth videos.

And let’s just say the teens reviewing the video had way more sense than the NSW government. Makes you wonder just what substance the NSW government has in their brains. Sludge, perhaps? Because let’s face it: someone who has superior sativa in their stash is going to be a lot more creative and open-minded. But here would be the kicker for New South Wales’ government: if they unwittingly hired stoners, stoners wouldn’t be coming up with anything against the very thing they’re smoking!

What will totally slay you is the fact that NSW’s own leader took to Twitter and totally panned and mocked the Stoner Sloth campaign–a campaign he *paid* for!

And yes, you’re likely thinking the same thing we are—it can be summed up thusly:

“Dude, Crappy Ad Campaign, LMAO!”

This concludes our list of the 12 most popular weed memes of all time. Some are more infamous than not, but they’re popular anyway, because creativity, man!


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