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Weed As A Reward For Cleaning Was A Big Hit In Gardiner, Maine

Dennis Meehan of Gardiner, Maine has taken a controversial route to help residents of his town get motivated to clean up their city: giving them free weed in exchange for their help.

Meehan and his wife are the owners and caregivers of the Summit Medical Marijuana shop in Gardiner, and on Monday an announcement was made on the company’s Facebook page. It was a call to arms for Gardiner residents to join together, armed with nothing more than trash bags, to clean up their city in exchange for free weed-as long as you’re twenty-one or older.

The message, which promised one gram of weed per garbage bag filled with trash, was shared hundreds of times and obtained thousands of views between Monday and ‘Clean-Up Day,’ which was the 22nd. And the turnout on Saturday had him worried that he might not even be able to supply the promised weed to everybody who participated.

“The night before I was up all night putting together the bags. I hardly slept. We had people not just from Gardiner, but as far away as Bangor, Waterville, and across Southern Maine. It was incredible,” he said of the clean-up endeavor, which had been initially intended for residents of Gardiner. But the Meehans were not about to turn down help from anybody, no matter where in Maine they had come from. Over one hundred trash bags were filled with refuse found all over Gardiner by the time that night fell upon Gardiner.

Moratoriums on weed sales remain in place in Maine, but ‘gifting’ the plant is perfectly legal under the language of the law. For years, Meehan and his wife have donated weed to Maine residents in need, and they consider it to be an essential part of their business. “At the end of the day it isn’t about money. It’s about the need. It’s about the community,” says Meehan, whose passion includes making sure that those who need weed for its therapeutic benefits can access it no matter how much money they have.

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  1. Hey guys, my wife and I own Summit, we would like to see the country come together to do this on a much larger scale. While bringing awareness to this life changing medicine. We no longer need to to suffer through the opiate epidemic, we no longer need to suffer at all. Lets work together to do this nationwide while bringing awareness to the most beneficial plant known to human health. Together we can legalize, and deschedule the most beneficial of all essential nutrition. Are you tired of these unjust laws? WE CERTAINLY ARE!!! Free our malnourished organs, OUR PLANT, and our families.

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