White Widow | Marijuana Strain (Review)

white widow weed
It’s no secret, dear readers, that, thanks to the rise of legalization, more and more talk about weed strains and their effects has come to the fore, making cannabis consumers sound more like wine connoisseurs than “potheads.” The way that flavors and smells are described, for example, should be evidence enough that people who truly know their marijuana are not people who want just any old high they can get. White Widow is no exception.

You could say they’re sensual types who are likely quite creative, poetic and most definitely anti-establishment. Oh…yeah…that’s kinda the rough description of a hippie, isn’t it? Well, even modern-day weed-smoking hippie types love their classic strains, even if, in their definition, “classic” means anything prior to the beginning of the 21st century.

Enter, therefore, the strain known as White Widow, a top-notch hybrid strain which has become the progenitor for many other hybrid strains, including the well-known “Blue Widow,” “White Russian” and “White Rhino.”


For starters, White Widow has become one of the most well-known and well-loved strains all over the world, and for good reason. Her overall effects, smell, taste and potency (20-25% THC!) have earned her such praise, she’s even been featured in rap songs and the TV show “Weeds.” Her status in the medical marijuana sector has truly crowned her “queen” when it comes to assisting people with stress, anxiety and depression.

However, her strain name is due to the very obvious white appearance of the buds, owing to the gobs of trichomes present.


Because of White Widow’s tendencies to impart a particularly happy, energetic and relaxed feeling, you might be wondering why they don’t rename her “The Merry Widow.” After all, medically, she can be used to stave off the effects of overall anxiety, depression and PTSD, as well as provide general pain relief and help you get rid of headaches. She’d be a good choice, therefore, for anyone who’s truly suffering, emotionally and needs a bit of a mood boost without the unhappy side effects of traditional—and possibly addictive—anti-anxiety drugs.

The two major negatives of White Widow are dry mouth and eyes, so even as balanced as she is in the positives, you might want to experiment with how much you take in.

Strain Parents

White Widow is a 60-40 sativa-indica hybrid, with her parents being a South American “landrace” sativa mama, and a South Indian indica papa. Earthy, sensual roots indeed!


White Widow is typically labeled as having earthy, woodsy and even pungent scents, so if you want something that reminds you of autumn leaves and walks through the woods full of pine needles and black walnut husks, White Widow is your “woman,” as it were.

Grow Tips

Don’t let White Widow’s famous backstory fool you: she’s actually quite easy to grow both indoors and out. She’s resistant to colder climates and mold growth, so intermediate growers won’t have much of a hassle learning how to cultivate her. White Widow grows to a height of 2+ feet, and like Cinderella-99, she gives you a tremendously abundant yield: 800 grams of bud per square meter.

On that note, White Widow flowers out after eight weeks, but if you want that classic white look that gives the strain her name, try to extend the flowering time by 2 weeks, reducing the light from 12 hours to 8, forcing the plant to produce more trichomes that protect the plant.

History of White Widow

First grown and released in 1994, White Widow had her origins in the Netherlands, and she’s had some time to get around and become a favorite across the globe. As we mentioned before, she’s the mama hybrid to three other well-known strains, and because of her potency, she won the 1995 High Times Cannabis Cup. Makes you wanna curtsy and say, “Congratulations, Madame!”

The basic story of White Widow’s appearance is highly contested, but ultimately, she was brought into the world via a man named Shantibaba who went into business with a man from the Netherlands named Arjan, and they formed the Green House Seeds company.

Because the White Widow strain is so popular, so potent, her story so mysterious and her effects so highly acclaimed, let’s just say that if the White Widow were a human being, her “dance card” would be full, and her suitors numerous!


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