5 Reasons you should date a Stoner

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We’re no longer in the Reefer Madness era where Stoners are looked down on like they’re somehow monsters hidden in the dark looking to get kids hooked on drugs and drag them down to a pit of depravity and criminal activities. It turns out the more we start to understand marijuana use, it’s medicinal properties, and it attempts to become mainstream the more people are realizing that Stoners are just people too. And as designated “people to” we also deserve love and companionship with people who make us feel a bit more special.


A lot of other people too are starting to see why so it’s not just other Stoners hooking up and dating other Stoners either. According to the popular (if a bit controversial) website “Whatsyourprice.com”, they took a recent poll to ask it’s followers and members various different questions about whether or not they’d date someone who smokes marijuana on a regular basis. There was a bit surprising information among the not so surprising statistics really. For the most part, it’s no surprise that out of the close to 33,000 people who were polled, people who tended to be younger said they’d date a stoner, with the highest percentage of people being millennials. What was surprising though? Nearly 45% of older people who were 70 and above said they would date someone who regularly smokes.


Across the board though among all statistics, there were roughly 3/5 singles on average who would date someone who smokes weed. To be honest, the most surprising aspect of that article is how the numbers were higher than expected, but still a little on the low side. After all, there’s plenty of reasons that someone should date a stoner, especially if they were looking to have a nice, stable relationship with someone who can commit. Here’re a few examples of why:


1. Loyalty


Stoners are a loyal bunch that much is very true. We’re people who once we find something that we can commit too (Say our favorite strain, a loyal dealer, or a favorite bong) we tend to stay with it through thick and thin. We’re the sort of people who no matter what want to stay with you and wouldn’t even think about changing anything up, or cheating just because it seems a better option. Heck, among stoners if another dealer comes along with a cheaper price than the person we regularly buy off of, and he offers us a better price? We’re liable to stick with the person we’ve been dealing with for a longer time. The same thing can be said in a relationship. It’s not about the better options, but being with someone they care about who’s been there.


2. Laid Back


One thing can be said about stoners, and it’s their ability to relax and not worry too much. That doesn’t mean we’re an apathetic bunch of people, though. If the house is on fire, bills are due, and we need to eat we’re going to, of course, worry about that kind of stuff. But if it’s not important and there’s no way we can really change it? Just relax a little bit, corner a bowl, and put on some T.V or grab some chips. With a stoner, you’re pretty much ensured that there won’t be any unneeded drama in your life.


3. Always Have Weed


If you’re a stoner too, then this is perfect. You both can just sit back, and share in the good times together. If not? Well, it’s not too late to join in on the habit and see what all the fuss is about. Other than the legality issues in certain places of the world, it’s not harmful, and it’ll even help relax you. Plus always having a stash on hand really helps with mellowing out after a rough day at work. Almost better than any sort of foot massage you’d get. Load a bowl, order a pizza, and turn on some Netflix. There’s the perfect date night right there.


4. They always have snacks on hand


Munchies are a fact of life. People get hungry, they want a snack. When you’re a stoner though? It’s almost a life or death situation when the munchies strike and Stoners are the kind of people to keep a full pantry of all kinds of stuff. If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t mind a snack or two, you’ll have an assortment of different snacks to choose from that you can share together. Chips, pasta, cookies, sandwiches, it doesn’t matter. If you’re the kind that’s a health-conscious person concerned about eating well? Then you can always change a stoner’s diet by introducing different vegetables, fruits, pasta, and juices. If you’re an excellent cook who loves to bake and be in the kitchen? Then you’ve more than earned a stoners love and loyalty.


5. Stoners are cool


Let’s face it. Weed isn’t a monster, and people are starting to realize that. In fact, people are even starting to realize that it had a lot of medicinal effects that can help sick people. And for those that aren’t sick, it has a lot of qualities in it that’s actually beneficial. In fact, people are starting to realize it’s even more beneficial than alcohol overall for a person, which is quickly being phased out as the social go-to substance to share among friends, being replaced more and more with a few bags of weed instead. Who knows what that might seem like in a few years. Or even 10 years. Or even 20 years. The point is, smoking weed shouldn’t be a barrier for being involved with someone that has all the right qualities that someone is looking for.

Would you date a Stoner?


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