5 Reasons Why Vaporizing Marijuana is BETTER Than Smoking

Thoroughly Modern Marijuana

You’ve all seen the old-school images of peeps from the 60’s and 70’s passing around joints, clouds floating like sweetly bizarre incense, mixing with actual drifting puffs of Nag Champa, set to the tune of George Harrison’s “My Sweet Lord,” or the tripped-out musical aesthetics of Bob Marley or even Pink Floyd, and perhaps some Yes and Led Zeppelin thrown in for exquisite measure.

The last decade has ushered in a totally 21st-century way of consuming your favorite THC-laden leafy goodness: Vaporizers.

But why vaporizers? Why are these “new-fangled contraptions” supplanting the old-school Ways of the Cannabis Force? Well, they might not be doing so completely, but below are five reasons why vaporizers are becoming wildly popular, especially among the newest crop of kush lovers, two of them being related to health.

Curious? Read on!

1. If Your Lungs Had Knees, They’d Bow and Kiss Your Feet.


Yes, seriously. Snuff the spliff, as it’s not really doing your lungs too much good. See, while marijuana itself is helpful, burning it to a crisp inside a piece of rolling paper and then inhaling the smoke means you’re getting more carcinogens than you are the cannabinoids. Marijuana’s helpful effects actually diminish when they are lit, because you are literally burning away, at over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, the very reason why you wanted the joint in your hand in the first place.

Using a vaporizer, or “vaping,” only heats your precious buds up to 338 degrees, the optimal temperature for the THC and its brethren cannabinoids to be effective, be it in a medicinal or recreational way. Go a mere 54 degrees higher to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, and your sativa’s gonna scorch. So if you want clear lungs, and reasonably clean health, but still want that hash high, grab yourself a vaporizer.


2. Vaping gets you high quicker


Vaporizing delivery system causes near-immediate effects of the THC in your system—close to 95% of the THC, truth be told. Smoking, on the other hand, gives you a smaller amount, hence the so-called traditional wisdom that holding in the smoke gives you more of a high. Thanks to vaporizers, that bit of “wisdom” has been proven false.


3. Vaporizers get you high in stealth mode


Have you noticed that most of the vaporizers on the market are only just slightly longer than your typical cigarette lighter? Yup, it’s true. If you’re in a state that has mostly just legalized cannabis for the medical side of things, but its populace or government hasn’t gotten its collective head out of its rear far enough to legalize it for recreational purposes, then a vaporizer is going to be just the ticket.

If you’re familiar with the e-cigarette phenomenon, where ciggie smokers can puff away and the so-called smoke (actually vapor) won’t bother anyone else, then you’ll understand just how and why vaping has caught on so quickly. Say you’re jonesing for a hit of hash, but don’t want “the look” from Mom or Grandma, you can sit there vaping on some sweet buds, but not give the immediate impression that what you’re smoking is sativa-based—especially since what’s coming out of the device is vapor. Your relatives will think it’s merely a fancy e-cigarette, roll their eyes and go on. You’ll seem more chill than you usually are, and the telltale smoke will be less pronounced. Win-win!


4. Vaping conserves your weed


Vaporizer will definitely save you some serious greenbacks. Why? Because a vaporizer consumes less of your precious stash, allowing you to not only savor your sativa, but you won’t be going through as much of it as quickly as you would with rolling a joint.

Additionally, you can use the leftovers from your vape session to make delectable edibles that clear away any potentially damning evidence, should nosy, albeit overly straight-laced neighbors come to call.


5. Effects Delivered Cleaner


Using a vaporizer to deliver the necessary medical benefits of marijuana is far more direct than lighting up and turning the THC into cinders just to get a fraction of the pain-reducing, munchie-inducing cannabinoids.

So if you know—or are—someone who requires Mary-Jane’s medicinal assistance, you’re going to help yourself or that other person get better far quicker if you or they don’t invite more carcinogens to the party than necessary. Of course, marijuana isn’t just about helping you battle cancer. THC and especially cannabidiol have proven benefits for slowing the frequency of seizures in children and adults, as well as easing the symptoms of PTSD, the latter of which is always excellent news for our veterans coming home, or survivors of domestic and/or child abuse.


The evidence is pretty clear: the popularity of vaping is catching on for at least five good reasons, two of them being health-related, and at least one dealing with the very non-cosmic reality of needing to save money, let alone the opposite benefit of getting super-high almost immediately. Of course, the fact that you can stick a vaporizer in your pocket, backpack or purse and there’s barely any telltale odor of your beloved herbal hobby is partly responsible for the vaporizer’s meteoric rise to sativa stardom.
Whatever your reasons for hitting the green, try out a vaporizer before reaching for the lighter. Your lungs, wallet and perhaps your otherwise spotless police record, will thank you.


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