5 Top-Rated Joint Roller for Weed

Rolling your own weed joints—and roll them well–is often something of a point of pride for most people who are in the world of weed for good. And once you get the knack of it, you might be teaching noobs how to achieve the best hand-rolling job for their own doobies. That said, there’s something to be equally said for using a joint roller. Not only do you just grind your weed, sprinkle it in, and the roller helps you attain the look you really want, but a joint roller helps you save tons of time, to say nothing of the actual bone joints, ligaments, etc in your hands.

Saving pain and time is especially true of the medical marijuana users out there who have fibromyalgia or arthritis in their joints and their dexterity is diminished by the very pain they want to get rid of. But they can’t get that pain relieved with weed without a little help from a mechanical friend.

Whatever your reasons for wanting—and needing—a joint roller for your high times, we have a list of the top five best joint rollers for weed. Take a look and see for yourself:

1) Raw 79mm 1 ¼ Plastic Joint Roller Machine

Joint Rollers

Raw is one of the best companies out there putting out various products for those who like to use rolled joints instead of other forms of consuming cannabis. They’re particularly keen on making sure their products are created with eco-friendly materials as much as humanly possible, to say nothing of the fact that their papers are vegan and gluten-free.

If you have the papers, yet still need the rolling machine, their hemp-based plastic rolling machine should be right up your alley. The machine is available not just in the regular 79mm size, but also in the 110mm size as well, so the latter is good for those who want longer smoke sessions, or just prefer king-size joints overall.

At a budget-friendly price of $4.89 for the 79mm machine at Amazon, you could easily order a bunch of these as presents for your cannabis-loving homies (especially with the free shipping for orders over $49), and still keep an extra or two around for yourself just in case. And best of all, because you can get this beauty at Amazon, you won’t have to worry about company-specific packaging.

If you’re new to using a roller, the Raw machine comes with instructions, so you won’t have to sit there feeling like a total dummy.

2) RAW Roller Eco Plastic 2-Way Adjustable 110mm King Size Rolling Machine

joint roller

Tried the first roller, but want to roll larger joints? Try this one on for size. This 110mm, 2-way adjustable roller made of eco-friendly plastic, allows you to super-size your ganja hits in two ways: you can use either regular or slim-style king-size rolling papers. There’s a lever on the side that helps you make that switch.

Apart from the plastic being made of hemp, the Raw company uses wind power, so it’s twice the eco-friendly vibe for your money. And if you’re budget-conscious? This roller’s wallet-friendly price will have you breathing a sigh of relief. Just one roller costs $5.48, and if you decide on their quantity option of 12 rollers, the only smoke you’ll be blowing will be coming from your cannabis, as 12 rollers only costs $33.79.

Since the holidays are coming up, what better way to bring tidings of cannabis comfort and joy than gifting your ganja-happiness friends with this lovely king-size roller? ‘O come all ye faithful,’ indeed!

3) RAW 110mm 1 ¼ Hemp Plastic Cigarette Rolling Machine Bundle

joint rollers

If you can’t quite decide which roller and accoutrements to purchase right off the bat, especially if you’re new to the world of rolling, this “bundle” will be the perfect introduction. And you most definitely can’t go wrong with the “Raw” brand, as they’re an eco-conscious company, so you can take a nice toke while being a warrior for this pale blue dot we’re all traveling on.

So, what do you get in the bundle?

• Joint Roller machine
• 2 packs of wide tip papers
• 1 hydrostone to help keep your precious herb moist
• 2 plastic filters

All this for a budget-conscious price of $9.99. Purchase one “kit” for a small joint-rolling party or get several for gifting purposes, and just have everyone come around for a big holiday bash.

4) The Rollerbox


Being able to roll expert-looking joints is one thing, but how about being able to roll joints and store your weed? What kind of magic is this? It’s called the Rollerbox joint roller, and it’s by the company of the same name.

The Rollerbox will help you roll awesome-looking joints and blunts up to 110mm, as well as store them and your chosen herb. While it only comes in black, it’s so stylish-looking as is, that you might not want any other color. Besides, how else are you gonna hide your hash stash if disapproving relatives or neighbors decide to drop by?

You can also store not just your weed, but your papers and even matches or a lighter. It’s pocket-sized, so ladies can use this little box without having to carry anything in their purse.

“But what does the “Automatic” in the description mean?” you might be wondering. Excellent question. There is no motorized mechanism with a button, as you might think. However, you simply load the rolling cloth with the paper and your chosen herb, and close the box. As the box closes, it rolls your joint.

One thing you might want to think about is that while this roller is not super airtight, it closes just tightly enough so that the room you’re in won’t completely smell like the dank kush you’re rolling.

Because this unit is metal, it costs a bit more than the plastic units by “Raw,” but considering you can store your small paraphernalia (weed, papers, lighter, matches) inside the box, $17.97 is a truly great price, and a great gift for the ganja lover always on the go.

5) ZigZag 100mm King Size Cigarette Rolling Machine

zig zag
This rolling machine in the list is 10mm smaller than the 110mm, but it’s still considered king-size, as opposed to the 79mm rolling machine, which takes 1 ¼ papers.

However, you can use 110mm papers for this machine and still have your joints come out the way you want them. Also, you can even use this roller with gummed papers. The gummy part goes in last and won’t stick to anything but the surface it’s meant to stick on.

Some reviewers at Amazon have said that this particular roller has a tendency to break if accidentally dropped from a typical table height of 4 feet, so you might want to keep this guy closer to the center of your table, just in case. In other words, treat this thing like the herb-rolling gift from the ganja gods that it is, and keep it safe.

That said, to err is most definitely human, but to be wallet-wise is pretty divine. So even if this machine does break, like the other rollers in this list, (without any other stuff bundled in), the ZigZag machine is a very budget-friendly $6.20. So if you have to get a new one to replace it, it won’t break your bank.

Switching thought-gears a little: if you’re short on dough for playing Santa, but want that loving touch of something for your buddies to unwrap beyond the typical box packaging, there is a gift-wrap option at Amazon with the ZigZag, so you can order a bunch, have each gift-wrapped and then delivered for your friends to have a very happy holiday indeed.

So, there you have it: five of the top joint-rolling machines for weed, and all of them reasonably priced for the most budget-conscious bud-smokers out there. Happy rolling!


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