7 Reasons Marijuana is WAY Better For You Than Alcohol

“Alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana.” That is the refrain coming from people in the pro-marijuana camp, especially with a pro-weed commercial run on TV, aimed at NASCAR fans last month. Anti-cannabis combatants rushed to take down the ad once they found out the ad was being run, making claims that they wanted to maintain “a family atmosphere.”

Weed ruins the “family atmosphere” at a NASCAR event? If that sounds like a load of smelly fertilizer, you’d be right. If you’re reading that and you’re not so sure you’re convinced that weed is better than the proverbial “fire-water” (a name for whiskey, by the way), read down further for seven—count ’em—seven reasons you might want to substitute a bong for a “Bud Light.”

1. Marijuana does not lead to death

Have you ever heard of marijuana poisoning? No, you haven’t. By contrast, alcohol would receive a really long jail term for its murderous ways. Check this out: the CDC has over 37,000 deaths on record from alcohol use, and this isn’t counting accidental death. You don’t hear of headlines reading “Death by hash brownie.” Now isn’t that a real kick in the Grim Reaper’s ethereal nuts?

2. There is no such thing as a fatal marijuana overdose

People have overdosed and died from alcohol poisoning far more than they would with weed. Why? It only takes ten times the normal amount of what you might consume to get the desired effect before you buy the proverbial farm. By contrast, marijuana is one of the least toxic drugs out there: it takes thousands of times more of what you’d normally use to get the desired effect before death occurs, and that is a theoretical number because there has not yet been a death from marijuana overdose. And we’re pretty sure that science would tell us when such a mythical creature as “marijuana death” might make an appearance, and that appearance looks like it might happen on the twelfth of never, at a quarter till “not-gonna-happen.”

3. Health costs of alcohol use far outweigh those of cannabis consumption

This really should be a no-brainer. Actual financial costs, health-wise, related to alcohol use are eight times greater than what they are for weed. Alcohol = $165/user. Weed = $20/user. Think about this, too: you hear more about marijuana’s benefits than not, and you hear more about alcohol’s detriments than not. If this isn’t a clear picture, check out the next item.

4. Alcohol kills brain cells, weed does not

Believe it or not, weed is actually a neuroprotective warrior for your brain health, according to a number of recent studies. Marijuana is fast gaining a reputation for saving your brain from damage. Alcohol, on the other hand, destroys precious brain cells. Which might be the reason why some people truly act stupid when hitting the bottle.

5. Booze = Big-Cancer. Marijuana = Healing Mojo

Alcohol has been linked to a large swath of cancers, from stomach cancer to pancreatic, prostate and liver cancers, and a good number in between. Marijuana? Not so much. In fact, weed’s been linked to healing people and eliminating cancer cells, to say nothing of boosting appetite so cancer patients can eat healthy foods and get well. In fact, peeps who consume weed are less likely to develop cancer than those who don’t. You don’t hear that about booze. The only thing left to say is “Paging Doctor Marley and pass one ‘pon the left hand side to all who need the holy hash sacrament of healing!”

6. Alcohol is more addictive

We really should name alcohol the Grim Reaper when it comes to addiction and withdrawals. You are more likely to experience fatal withdrawal with whiskey than weed. Weed, on the other hand, does not produce such negative consequences. After all, have you ever heard of “Doobie-Smokers Anonymous?” No, no you haven’t.

7. Booze increases injury to the consumer

• Hospitalized assaults with the injured being the one having consumed alcohol? Check.
• ER visits? Check.
• Reckless, risktaking behavior? Check.
• A factor in self-harm? Check.
• A factor in domestic abuse and violence? Check and check.

Marijuana, on the other hand, has rarely been shown to promote or cause violence. Seriously, though—have you even heard of someone saying, “Oh, yeah I’m gonna smoke some weed, then go cut myself?” Nah, didn’t think so.

Is it any wonder, based on the evidence in front of you, that the Ladies’ Temperance Union in days of old called alcohol “the demon drink?” No, no it’s not. So why, you ask, has marijuana been so vilified if it’s so positive? That, peeps, is a very, very good question, and its answers may be found within past groups such as people who protested, say, the Vietnam war, and promoted peace and nonviolence, two things that many alcohol users are often not known for, and that statistic is not likely to change anytime soon.


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