8 Best Jobs if you wanna work in the Weed Biz

Thanks to the legalization of weed in Washington, Oregon and Colorado, other states are following suit with their own initiatives. But what does this mean for the peeps who do not necessarily want to work in “traditional” jobs but love weed and still want a decent income?

Check this out: the legalization of weed has brought about a new growth sector—job growth, that is. The following are eight sectors where you can be surrounded by good buds—both from the plant, and actual human friends—and make some serious cash for working with hash. Read on:

1. Budtender

This is more or less the weed-worker’s entry level “sales assistant” job. The usual job description entails helping people buy marijuana, and while knowledge of various strains and their effects is definitely a plus, the starting wage is only around $11-$12 an hour. Still, it’s better than working at Mickey-D’s for a paltry $7.25 (or less!).

2. Sales Reps

You can either fly freelance or get commission for selling pot paraphernalia to dispensaries. Either way, the more you sell, the more you earn, as you might have guessed. Common products you might sell include bongs, vapes, and edibles. Pretty “Kush-”y job, eh?

3. Extraction Tech

This one is clearly where you get to “play chemist” by making marijuana extracts. The job environment, quite obviously, includes lab conditions, where you turn weed into cannabis oil. The people posting this job over at 420careers.com are reticent to list pay, but let’s just say that this position requires skills that lift you up a tax bracket or three above hawking hash.

4. Edible Makers

Those with a bent for food service and nutrition as well as bongs will love this type of job. Job possibilities range from being a line baker, which obviously doesn’t pay that well, all the way to food chemist, food scientist and manager, with salaries going above the $50K mark.

5. Dispensary Security

Yes, this sounds like a job from a Sims game, where you wear a snappy uniform and patrol for illegal weed activity and get low pay for doing this job. But come on! It’s weed patrol! If you’re a cop who’s tired of arresting people for having weed, and would rather work where weed is permissible, then this is the job to grab.

6. Marijuana Growers

It’s been said that farmers feed the world. That’s true, especially when pot smokers get the munchies. But what about being a weed grower, where you can cultivate and raise weed for dispensaries? If you’re keen on being a ganja farmer, this is where it’s at. You would not be an independent farmer of indica, but rather, you’d be employed by the dispensary. And the money is fantastic. Master growers get around $100K a year, and the ones actually doing the growing and cutting get about $15-20/hour. Now, you might snivel at the $15-20 as compared to the $100K, but come on—given a choice, if you’re an entry-level worker, where would you rather work: fast food with crappy wages, or would you rather go ganja and make some serious green?

7. Trimmers

This kind of job would have you trimming marijuana flowers for the dispensaries. Yeah, it’d be snippety-snip all day long, but it’s $15-20/hr in legit money. Now, if you wanna go black or grey market, trimmers get paid by what’s called “piece rate,” which amounts to about 50Kg or so. A really good trimmer will net about $200 daily, tax-free. The only thing you would really want to worry about is repetitive stress injury and the fact that it’s a mind-numbing task. But if you crave the potential peace and quiet of such a job (whether or not it’s actually peaceful is another question), then this is a totally worth-it path into the weed industry.

8. Dispensary Manager

Because surely you can’t expect budtenders to know Quickbooks, or how to submit business tax records to the IRS, right? Being a dispensary manager is essentially the same as being in a regular retail managing job, with the exception of the pot products. Naturally, this career requires serious management skills, with compensation tied directly to the growth of the business.

As the legalization trend continues, the marijuana job sector will keep on expanding, allowing people to get jobs in a truly 21st-century industry with proper living wages, even at the budtender level. Now you can truly have your weed cake—and sell it too!


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