9 Tips On How To Smoke Weed

Chances are, you’ve heard about weed legalization in various parts of the country, most likely Colorado, Washington and Oregon, since they’re three of the more liberal states, though Illinois has just come on board recently with the decriminalization of your herb. So how to smoke weed is not such a silly question if it becomes legal in your state.

With the slow-but-consistent awakening of the American people to common sense about cannabis, you’re likely wondering what it would be like to smoke weed. Once you’ve scored some, that is. And once you score it, you’ll want to share it, of course (see the third section..

How to Score It

Let’s say, for instance, you’re in a state that allows legal dispensaries. That is, if you’ve not smoked anyone else’s weed. But chances are you have sampled someone else’s herb, and you want some sweet stuff for yourself. So, you’re thinking about taking a trip to your local dispensary. Here are some things you must remember:

1. Bring Your ID

This is like the “American Express” card in the world of adult-age consumables: don’t leave home without it. No card? No bud. Period. Why? Dispensaries are seriously regulated and one bad apple without his ID ruins it for the rest of the barrel. And who wants to get to the end of the line only to be told you can’t be served?

2. Allow For Time

Because U.S.-based dispensaries are too much like newborn babies—everyone’s crowding in to get a glimpse, to “ooh” and “ahh” over the awesomeness (to say nothing of buying weed., this is no lunchtime fast-food drive-through scenario. Hell, you’ll be served faster at a sit-down fine dining place faster than your newest weed shack. So definitely plan on going there on your day off work, as you will likely end up waiting in line, and besides, you want to give yourself time to browse the selections.

3. A Little Help From Your Bud Buddies: the Bud Tenders

While their job title sounds more like a fancy department store gimmick than a sales-person job description, the bud tenders aren’t just sales-people, they are definitely hired to help you find your first weed. They can assist with figuring out how much to buy, as well as helping you decide between strain names and flavors.

How To Smoke Weed

Now that you’ve got your glorious ganja home safe and sound, how do you smoke weed? Well, ideally, the dispensary would likely have pot paraphernalia on display for your consideration, and the bud tenders probably will have helped you with that, too. But in case you forgot to think about how you’re going to consume your cannabis (other than putting it in edibles, which is something of an “advanced” thing., here are the helpful hints you’ve been waiting for:

1. Bowl

For first-timers, you might want to try a bowl. You can get one at a head shop near you. If you’re not sure of where the nearest head shop is, Google is your BFF for all your head shop locating needs. While you’re making that trip to the shop, pick up a grinder so you know precisely how fine to grind your ganja.

2. Bong

Once you’ve had some experience with a bowl, try a bong next as it’s a tiny bit more complicated, and there’s likely a lot more smoke involved.

3. Joints & Blunts

Of course, there’s the good ol-fashioned weed joint, or blunt. You can get a friend to roll one for you, if they happen to be with you, but if you’re totally into DIY, there are gobs of YouTube videos for joint and blunt rolling out there.

Additional First-Timer Tips

Of course, there is a certain etiquette on how to smoke weed, especially breaking bud (and bread. with your BFFs.

1. Keep Your Spliffs Secret & Safe

While Gandalf openly smoked “Old Toby” around his Middle-Earth friends, it’s not exactly kosher to keep your kush out in the open. More accurately, weed’s still illegal on the federal level, even though the state you’re in might have legalized it. Smoke your spliffs at home, in private where the fuzz can’t slap you in cuffs for your cannabis.

2. No Cache on Delivery, Please

If you’ve got pals with you, don’t hand them a cached bowl. This means there’s no smokeable weed in the bowl, only ash. And we can promise you that ash isn’t as tasty as actual Purple Haze. So, just as you’d politely refill a friend’s gas tank after using their car, refill the pipe bowl with weed before passing it to your pal.

3. Don’t Be a Miss Piggy

In other words: don’t hog the joint. Remember, “puff, puff, pass.” Just as everyone in church gets a sample of bread and vino, your pals deserve a share in the holy hash communion (whether they say a prayer to Jah or not..

There you are: 9 tips on how to smoke weed—and later passing it along the left-hand side while keeping it all laid-back mellow, profitable (emotionally.–and legal.


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