8 Best Rated Weed Games for Android and iPhone 2017

Best Weed Games for your Phone

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Smartphone-based gaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment for a lot of people, especially ever since the smash hit “Angry Birds” flew onto the scene some years ago. But what if you’re not hip to the avians with anger issues? What if you’re laid-back, chill and dream of running a marijuana farm, or being a purveyor of hash brownies, digital or otherwise? You’ve just hit pay dirt, my friend, because Android and iPhone have eight—count ’em—eight tripped-out weed games for you to play this year.

Even the peeps you know who don’t smoke weed but will fight for your right to do so legally will likely want you to pass the smartphone to the left and let them have a go at these pieces of establishment-defying entertainment.

1. Weed Firm

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If you’ve ever wanted to run a pot-growing business, this game is definitely for you. It runs a lot like many “business games”: grow and/or stock stuff to sell, make customers happy, do tasks to unlock items, etc. Only it’s all weed, all the time with this game, walking in the digital shoes of a guy named Ted. You have several types of planters to grow your weed in, vinyl records to play to help your weed grow faster, a watering can (naturally!), and the ability to grow different types of weed. Your customer base consists of Rastas, a nurse, and others—including a stripper. Yes, a stripper. We’ll let you find out what’s up with her once you download the weed games. Because…no spoilers allowed, right?

2. Weed Island

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This is similar to Weed Firm, only you’re not just growing weed here, you also have the opportunity to grow mushrooms and coffee plants!

The scoop on the weed games: The game takes place in a secluded hippie village in Colorado. All is peace, love and hippie-ness till some cop decides to raid the pot-growing place and burns the whole town. Your destiny? Step up and be the next CEO of the spliff.

Again, you’re not just growing weed—there’s coffee and ‘shrooms to be raised. You also get to create bong workshops that hold bud trimmers, joints and yes, of course, bongs. This game runs a lot like other business or farm games: not only are you running your own ganja place, you get to visit other people’s farms and villages, which is cool, because it can give you ideas on how to improve things with your neck of the woods.


3. Weed Shop

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This third weed-raising experience is not just about running any old pot farm: it’s a medical marijuana dispensary!

What’s great about this game:
• 3D weed games environment kicks its 2D brethren to the curb.
• Wide variety of strains, supplies and gear for growing your healing ganja.
• Lifelike strains: no two look alike!
• Lifelike business situation: promote your medical dispensary, keep your customers chill by treating them well, and make sure to complete other given tasks.
• Deeply immersive gameplay—you’ll be hooked, especially with the chilled-out reggae beats in the background! Thank Jah for fantastic gaming music, right?

4. iSmoke Weed HD

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If you’re curious about what it’s like to roll and smoke a joint, this ultra-laid-back game with 3D graphics will surely teach you the ways of the Weed Force. The objective is simple, yes, but there are levels to unlock, so you won’t be stuck with the same thing over and over. This game is also off-the-charts with the included original song: “Smoke the Ganja!” by Earth Dawg.

So, how do you smoke a virtual joint on your smartphone? It’s done through the microphone jack, and as for how high you get, that’s a tough call, as some reviewers have said they didn’t actually get high with this game. One reviewer, however, said she downloaded this in order to help her quit smoking regular cigarettes. Puts a whole new meaning to the e-cig phenomenon, doesn’t it?


5. Pot Farm: Grass Roots

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If you’ve tried other weed games and you’re just not getting the high you require from your gaming experience, “Pot Farm” might just be the game-strain you’re looking for. Check out these amazing attributes:

• Real-life strain names featured: OG Kush and Pineapple Express are just two.
• Spiff up your pot-growing joint by using grow lights, water pumps and generators to upgrade.
• Build a dispensary to trade in the in-game MJ market!
• Expand your business and hire people to help out with your hash stash.
• Play wed games with your bud-loving buddies on Facebook!
• Squish the spider mites that are after your crops!
• In-App purchases that make your gaming experience go a bit faster.

Of course, you could play this while stone-cold sober, but imagine downloading and playing this game while just a mite stoned!


6. Ganja Farmer: Weed Empire

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Clearly, weed-growing apps are popular. Understatement of the millenium, right? After all there are at least three other such games, each with somewhat similar objectives, yet different paths to those objectives.

“Ganja Farmer” is one of such apps that make building a virtual weed empire a dynamic experience to the point of being truly tripped out. Here’s why:

• Complex economic system that turns your actions into profits or losses—most closely resembling what it’s like to run any sort of business.
• Hand-drawn marijuana images.
• Cartoon-like setting, for those who prefer this aesthetic over 3D graphics that can sometimes make your phone crash.
• Chillaxed reggae tunes to listen to while you grow your empire, bake spaced-out goods, distill some moonshine and basically help your weed customers happy ones.
• In-App Purchases—like many pot-growing apps, this game allows in-app purchases in case you just can’t wait for a certain item to unlock.


7. Weed Bakery

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If you liked “Weed Shop: The Game” from ADHD Studios, you’ll fly high with the hash brownie fun in “Weed Bakery,” created by the same people. Not only will you be baking goodies for people looking to get baked, but you’ll be growing the weed that goes into those treats. Also, there are actual strain names involved: Purple Rain, White Widow and the Chronic are just three well-known names.

Of course, you’ll want to pimp out your shop with posters and pot paraphernalia. After all, the way you decorate your biz says a lot about you, and who doesn’t like admiring cool posters and sundry while waiting for their order to be completed?
Naturally, like a real life business, you’ll need to keep up with your customers’ requests, so developing a good rhythm for getting orders out on time is always a good strategy for these types of games.

This is a resource-intensive game, so the newer the phone or tablet you have, the better. Allow for at least 1 GB of RAM, and make sure your device is dual-core.


8. Bud Trimmer

Android Download on Google Play
If you liked “Fruit Ninja,” but you’re more about trimming buds than slicing berries and melons (unless the munchies are making you hungry for healthy food!), then “Bud Trimmer” is for you.

It operates essentially like “Fruit Ninja,” but with marijuana buds. Here are some features that will get you salivating for virtual sativa-slashing:

• Two weed games modes: Timed and Arcade—complete with features, power-ups and “Easter eggs” constantly being added.
• Earn “Kush Ka$h” for unlocking cool stuff!
• Earn different kinds of blades.
• Keep a look out for spider-mite-infested nuggets or “nugs.”

Even if you’re not a weed smoker, you might end up asking your bong brothers and sisters if they’d mind passing their smartphone around to you just to play this game and get a better handle on why kush is so heavily craved, to say nothing of having fun with this “Fruit-Ninja”-like speed slasher.


With a list of ganja games like this, it’s more likely you’ll find a game “strain” that fits your preferences than not, whether it’s weed-growing, becoming the CEO of spliffs, getting baked with brownies or simply slicing up some virtual sativa. And there are more games out there beyond this very short list that feature cannabis culture, so your stoner self won’t be left stone-cold for fun.

What is your favorite Weed Games?


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  1. Good article. Marijuana issue have become very famous these days. A final decision is yet to come in many cities for its legalization. Due to its health benefits it is being legalized in many cities.

  2. There are weed games too for android?? Lol! I had no idea about it. Thanks for sharing the list. Will check out some of the games you have mentioned.

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