Buddha Box Subscription: Is it Worth it?

Buddha Box

Looking at most of humanity today, there are two obvious truths:

1. People love birthdays, and they love Christmas. Everything’s festive with parties and food…and yes, the gifts.

2. People love getting stuff in the mail that does not look like a bill. Preferably stuff that has lots of neat items inside that you ordered online.

Which is why the subscription box phenomenon has truly taken off. We’re not sure when it started, or who started it, but it’s been a source of YouTube “unboxing” videos that will make you drool and say “I want that!”

Especially if you’re into ganja. Buddabox.com (yes, we know they misspelled the word Buddha, but it’s kind of a pun about bud, man) is one of the most well-known herb-related subscription services a stoner like yourself either has already known about, or if you didn’t now about it till now, you’re welcome.


Buddabox has two main subscription boxes: the 420 and the 710. The 420 box focuses more on smoking the herb and the 710 box homes in on the dabbing aspect of weed.
Dabbing, for those of you who’ve only just walked into the world of weed, is using BHO (butane hash oil) to get high, rather than the usual method of smoking. The “710” therefore refers to what the number looks like when you turn it upside down: “OIL.”

So what do you usually get in your monthly Buddha Box?

Let’s just stick with the 420 box, since more people are familiar with smoking than dabbing, which is a fairly recent thing.

You are likely to receive:

• Weed paraphernalia (bongs, pipes, papers, grinders etc)
• Stickers
• Educational brochures
• Clothing (one guy on YouTube received a mega-huge box in which there were two pairs of socks)

These are just a few of the things you’re likely to get. They sometimes do themes. For instance, according to another YouTuber, September’s Budda box was Pokemon-themed, which had a whole bunch of truly awesome—and dare we say cute—Pokemon/ganja puns, such as “I choose you, Ganjasaur!”

By the way, if you watch a lot of unboxing videos on YouTube of Buddha box, you’ll likely notice that stickers are a very common inclusion, proving that stickers aren’t just for little kids. And who doesn’t love stickers as a way of expressing themselves? After all, we put bumper stickers on our cars about just about anything imaginable (including that one kid who’s an Eagle Scout/honor student/Other-Awesome-Thing in our family we’re so proud of), so why shouldn’t the world of weed be included?

Oh, and just so you know, when it comes to the great paraphernalia Buddabox.com sends you (as in the bongs and pipes), it’s crazy-high quality. Yep, you read that right. No cheap crap from China. And let’s face it, some of those glass bongs out there are crazy cool-looking to the point where you may even be tempted just to display them as art rather than use them. Or not. Because some art is interactive, right? Right.

Another useful tip is that if you’re on a budget, the 420 box is your best bet, as that particular subscription is only $19 per month. The 710 box is somewhere in the neighborhood of $50-60, but considering that box focuses on dabbing, it’s understandable why that particular box costs more.

Whichever Buddha Box you choose, you’re bound to find stuff you like. And remember, sharing is caring. Meaning, you don’t have to keep everything you receive. Sometimes you’ll receive stuff that doesn’t appeal to you, or you might get duplicates, so just as you’d share your good ganja, you can share your ganja gear as well.

So, light up some herb, take a peek at Buddabox.com and start receiving some once-a-month goodies. Because after all, Christmas and birthdays only come once a year.

buddha box


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  1. Good luck getting a hold of these people they will not answer their phones and their phone number is just a recording saying no one is available to take call.. and never ever I repeat ever call you back before you order read every ones reviews they are the same this place is a scam..

  2. It’s not worth it when you have been trying for months to cancel your subscription and they just won’t stop charging you. I have even changed out the card and somehow I’m still getting charged. Conveniently they have no phone number to call them and won’t reply to any emails. Without good customer service a company is nothing. Maybe stop smoking pot long enough to get back to your customers.

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