Cannabis Cigarettes Are A Huge Hit For Swiss Supermarket Chain

Earlier this month, Swiss supermarket chain Coop started selling high-CBD, low-THC cannabis cigarettes in their stores-a decision that they have resolved to expand to their 700 stores nationwide. The cigarettes are described as having a calming effect that is believed to be beneficial for sufferers of chronic pain or panic attacks. And they have been incredibly popular at Coop.

“We were surprised by the large demand. We already offer several hemp products like hemp ice tea and beer. There is a demand for hemp products because of its unique smell and taste. That’s why we also decided to offer CBD-cigarettes to our customers,” said a spokesman for the supermarket chain. The handful of stores that have piloted the sale of these cigarettes have already sold out of the product, a packaged cigarette called Heimat.

Sarah Roloff from Switzerland Tourism states that it shouldn’t be expected that the country’s tourism industry will be heavily impacted by the availability of these cigarettes in such a convenient location. Most people travel to Switzerland to bask in its natural beauty and breathtaking landscapes, after all.

Marketing director of the company that produces Heimat cigarettes, Björn Koch, has a more optimistic outlook:

“We are pretty sure that many people living at the Swiss border in Germany, Austria, France and Italy will make a short trip to taste the cigarette. We are not sure if people living further away from Switzerland will take a long journey only because of the cannabis cigarette. But it is surely is an additional argument to spend some time here: smoking a cannabis cigarette while eating some cheese and enjoying the impressive view in the mountains.”

We have to admit, Koch does paint a pretty picture.

He has also stated that people from all over the world have called to inquire about these cigarettes. In fact, he calls the degree of interest the company has received to be a bit overwhelming.


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