Cannabis Growing Facility Faces Setbacks After Act Of Vandalism

There is a lot of preparation, dedication and frustration that goes into establishing any kind of business. This, of course, includes the ever-expanding world of cannabis related enterprises. As a business owner prepares for opening day and readies their business to hit the ground running, unpleasant surprises can cause progress to come to a screeching halt-at least for a time.

If you drove past 199 Huckle Hill Rd. in Bernardston, Massachusetts on Friday, chances are you saw huge amounts of glass broken out from the storefront windows. The former Bella Notte restaurant location is soon to become a medical marijuana growing facility, and faces the consequences of a senseless act of vandalism less than a week before the operation was to open.

“Virtually every exterior window was smashed out, and some of the interior windows between rooms were also smashed out,” Michael Behn, president of The Sandri Companies in a statement made to The Recorder. He was baffled by this act, calling it “mindless destruction.” Bernardston Police Chief James Palmeri stated to The Recorder that it was “clearly an act of vandalism.”

The Sandri Companies is one of two facilities to be operated by Happy Valley Compassion Center, and was poised to begin operations this week. These two facilities are to be supplying cannabis to dispensaries in Greenfield, Hadley and Orange, Massachusetts.

The startup company now faces delays in the face of a $40,000 bill to repair the windows that were destroyed.

“At the end of the day, we’re a startup company trying to get this business off the ground,” said Jim Counihan, chief executive officer of Happy Valley Compassion Center. $40,000 is no small chunk of change for anybody to dole out, and there is a certain sting that comes with having to shell out that money after being victimized by crime.

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