Cannabis Technology Will Help Nevada Businesses Thrive

On July 1st of this year, recreational cannabis becomes legal throughout the state of Nevada, the home of Las Vegas. And it should serve as no surprise that the city of lights, excess and decadence is already breaking out new technology to amp up their weed game. Acres Cannabis, one Vegas-based cannabis company, is expecting to sell as many as 5,000 joints within their first 48 hours of operations once legalization goes into effect. And with the help of Dutch invention, the Futurola Knockbox, they should have no problem meeting-or even exceeding-that demand.

The Futurola Knockbox rolls 100 joints within three minutes. So yeah, that should help.

“As a teenager, I had my brother roll for me because I was terrible at it. Now look at me!” proclaims Nick Sanchez of Acres Cannabis, who gets the privilege of asserting quality control over the cannabis that his company will facilitate to the people of Nevada.

The Futurola company has its roots firmly placed in the coffee shops of Amsterdam. Since 1996, owners of the company have been quite proud of the innovating technologies that have made Futurola a leader in the industry. Two years ago, they crossed the Atlantic to begin the United States leg of their adventure, and were met with nothing but positivity from cannabis entrepreneurs. Within a mere matter of months, their products found their way onto American shelves.

The Knockbox is a relatively new invention that comes in two separate containers and then is assembled together-quite easily, might we add-when it is to be used. What really makes this device so innovative compared to other mass-rolling devices? It rolls each joint perfectly! Whereas other rollers have experienced inconsistently and technical troubles like the jamming of the mechanisms, the Knockbox rolls perfect joints that burn evenly-every time, without hassle.

Six years of development have made this invention a highlighting piece of stoner innovation that is bound to take the United States by storm as more states embrace legalization.

Photo by Torben Bjørn Hansen


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