Cannafest Prague 2016: Weed Festival for Stoners

Stoner Mecca in Prague!

Like the name suggests, Cannafest is a cannabis festival or more appropriately an international cannabis trade show exhibition. Cannafest is becoming increasingly popular with an estimated 250 exhibitors offering ample opportunity to enjoy some of the most exquisite display of some of the world’s finest seeds, equipments and innovative technology in an indoor facility. Cannafest is a demonstration of growing realization and appreciation for the many important therapeutic and soothing benefits of cannabis and medicinal herbs. Some of the world’s most outstanding events celebrating cannabis, such as Spannabis, Cultiva and Cannafest provide exhilarating excitement with side attractions that continues to enchant thousands of visitors yearly.

cannafest Prague

Cannafest which holds in Prague is one of the largest and vibrant celebrations of cannabis in Europe and attracts an estimated 25000 visitors globally. Within seven years since its inception, the Cannafest has evolved exponentially from an old-fashioned local event into one of the most celebrated international trade exhibitions in Europe.
In addition to the unlimited display of an extensive variety of cannabis related products, cannabis seeds and other paraphernalia, Cannafest has also engendered an unanticipated level of business opportunity coupled with vibrant cultural and social interactions and an assortment of hemp-food and music.

The highlight of the Cannafest is the international conference. The official languages for the international conference are Czech and English with concurrently interchanging translations focusing extensively on business, innovations, patient advocacy, legislation and other related subjects. The colorful three day event which is designated to hold from the 11th to 13th of November in the Prague exhibition ground has in times past witnessed a considerable influx of visitors from neighboring Scandinavian countries, visitors from around Europe and an unexpected inundation from north America and Britain with an unremitting yearly increase.

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The magnitude and increasing importance of the Cannafest has continued to stimulate an exuberant business environment with an expansive rate of supply and demand providing a variety of interesting products and services to a large number of potential buyers. Buyers on the other hand, are presented with a fantastic opportunity to closely examine products quality, size and features. Also talking with suppliers and sellers as well product test and trial, allows for buyers to gather sufficient information to make informed buying decisions.

Cannafest offers fascinating side attractions coupled with a properly articulated list of programs that is designed to offer visitors a relaxing and remarkable experience. The Cannafest promises an invigorating experience for visitors of all ages with lots of exciting activities to engage in. “Hemp catering” is one of the very many activities that takes place at the Cannafest and features mouthwatering hemp delicacies as Hemp food products are also available to visitors.

The children fun zone also allows children to relax and enjoy games such as building blocks and other toys. In addition, the creative workshop fondly called “hello pumpkin” provides children at the fair with computers to create their own artworks and improve their creative inclinations.

The workshop zone also offers a similarly engaging experience with plenty of hands-on activities in areas such as bead making, braiding, hand spinning and much more. The materials used in the workshop zone are mainly hemp derivatives and it showcases some of the most ingenious display of skills and techniques for the learning and gratification of visitors.

Relaxation at the Cannafest is top priority. This is clearly demonstrated by the intimately relaxing nature of the roll and smoke spot. The roll and smoke spot allows visitors the chance to relax and unwind, the smoke spot offers a health variety of hemp, coupled an assortment of cold beer and beverages. The highlight of the roll and smoke spot is the music. The music cuts across all genres with an infusion of reggae, jazz, and rock.

The cinema has an exquisite design that resonates with nature. The cinema offers documentary movies, propaganda movies and so on, providing quality entertainment and learning. Other side attractions like the reading room, offers an array of books and magazines and newspapers for the reading delight of visitors. Visitors that are interested in the theme of drugs would not be disappointed as there is an abundance of literature on the subject. The reading room allows book lovers the chance to relax while educating the mind.

cannafest weed

There are many more side attractions at the Cannafest that is targeted at ensuring comfort, learning, and adventurous entertainment for visitors during the fair. The vapor lounge is one of such sites providing a fine alternative for people trying to quit smoking. With a good number of specialists on ground the vapor lounge promises to be an exciting experience.
The after-parties are characterized with quality music for the listening pleasure of visitors; also life DJs would be available, providing some of the best sounds. The after parties provide a fine opportunity to interact and socialize creating a memorable experience for many visitors.

When compared with other big fairs like Spannabis, and cultiva, the Cannafest has the distinct advantage of being more “activism” oriented with activities focused on the medicinal properties of cannabis. Cannafest has the uniqueness of deemphasizing monetary and commercial benefits of cannabis while focusing on the advancement of therapeutic benefits and general advocacy.

Cannafest provides a big platform for scientists, doctors and other specialist to interact with patients and other activists creating a heightened exchange of ideas and experiences that is beneficial to all participants. Cannafest exhibition is one of the largest covering 4100 feet of hall space. The Cannafest allows for resourceful lectures from some of the worlds celebrated scientists and lecturers in the field.
Undoubtedly, the Cannafest could be considered the biggest tourist attraction for cannabis progressives, offering one of the biggest platforms while providing an unprecedented level of interaction amongst cannabis liberals from different “spheres of cannabis”. The Cannafest attracts visitors from all over Europe, with statistically older visitors usually 60 and above. Also, Cannafest offers mind-blowing, innovations and attracts noteworthy specialists in the field of cannabis from around the world.

Conclusively, it can be asserted that Cannafest is not just a fair or trade exhibition because it transcends that. Cannafest is a tradition that promotes advocacy, ingenuity and the amazing benefits of cannabis.


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