Curing Your Marijuana: It’s Time To Upgrade How It’s Done

While cutting-edge technology is utilized to amp up the marijuana game with elaborate gadgets, different methods of growth (such as aeroponics) and tools to make cultivation simpler without sacrificing quality, some aspects of the industry still remain in the dark ages. That brings us to the topic of curing one’s buds.

“Curing” refers to the process of removing all excess moisture from the plant matter after it is harvested. Currently, most growers implement pretty primitive means of doing this. One common method is to place the harvested herb into a sealed bucket or jar of some kind, and then periodically airing out the contents over the span of weeks or months.

“It’s like someone spent an entire growing season making these amazing grapes and then tossed them into a toilet tank to make prison wine,” says Jake Browne, who is a marijuana critic for the Denver Post’s Cannabist website.  The result of this process often includes improperly dried pot, which has a less pleasing taste and decreased potency compared to buds that have been cured more effectively.

Cannabis company Yofumo has developed a state-of-the-art method of curing marijuana that not only preserves its freshness but also produces more potent effects and enhanced flavor, as well as smell. In a standalone device that looks kind of like a small pizza oven that’s been painted black, Yofumo’s marijuana curing units use gaseous ozone emitters, humidity and temperature controls and other environmental controls to enhance the curing process. Not only does it shorten the length of time necessary to cure the plant, it also reduces the risk of mold and other contaminants.

The only current and only existing model sells for $5,000 and is highly recommended for commercial growers. Yofumo hopes to introduce smaller, more affordable devices in the future to meet the needs of personal growers as well. A $360 tabletop curing unit and a $60 personal unit are in the process of discussion within the company.

To read more about how Yofumo’s product works and how the curing process impacts the quality of the weed you smoke, click here.

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