DEA: Tell the Truth about Medical Marijuana!

There are a lot of opinions on cannabis today, many of which are formed by what we are reading in newspapers and hear from our leaders in the government, etc.  So, how are we supposed to be forming real, honest opinions if we are stuck forming them from from incorrect information that is skewed to only allow us to come to one conclusion: cannabis is bad?  It isn’t really an opinion then, is it?

The real problem is that there are results coming out of cannabis testing – real results quantified by science – that the DEA is simply refusing to publish.

For example, the DEA will spout information on the fact that cannabis:

  • is a gateway drug to other drugs that are hazardous to your health and highly addictive
  • can cause several mental problems in the long term if medical cannabis is used regularly
  • is responsible for causing psychotic breaks in some patients

These are only some of the facts that the DEA wants the public to know, but the truth of the matter is that there is information on their website that even contradicts itself.  They are going back and forth on the matter, meaning that there is serious reason to believe that there are good things officially coming out about it.

So, why are only the (same) bad results being publicized by approved sources?  Why isn’t the public getting the chance to read all of the results – in other words, the unbiased ones – so that we can all form our own fully informed opinions on medical cannabis and go from there?

People everywhere are crying out that this is the way the world needs to change, especially since there are moments that even the DEA admits its not sure that everything coming out is necessarily bad.  When the authorities are even willing to swear by that, you know that the time is coming for the big wheels of change to start to move into action.

Medical cannabis doesn’t have to be one negative or positive extreme, but a combination of both bad and good.  Without half the puzzle, we can’t get a clear picture of what we’re working towards together?


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