10 Easy Ways to Conserve Your Weed Stash!

Weed can be pretty expensive when you actually put in the time to think about it. First, there’s the price you have to think about that comes with acquiring the weed to begin with. You got the money you need to spend on gas that takes you out to wherever your dealer’s located at. If you’re lucky enough to have a door to door salesman come up to your place of residence (and what a world that would be), you’d be pretty squared. But in a perfect world that’s not the case, and sometimes you need to do a little bit of travel to get to your dealer. Not only that, but there’s the actual money involved in the transaction, and that’s all dependent on supply and demand and whether or not you want the good stuff. Then you have the after costs that comes from purchasing snacks and all sorts of goodies that come from a good smoke. After all, you can’t just sit and toke and not have a drink to go with the cotton mouth afterward, or not have something to fight off the inevitable munchies

So it’s little wonder that most day to day smokers want to know how to conserve their stash just a little bit more and to make their green (money and weed) stretch just a little more.


1. Leave Moocher Friends Behind


Stoners are a giving bunch, that much is for certain. Anyone with a good healthy stash wants to share the wealth with all their friends and have a good time. Sadly, though, there’s always one friend in the group who mooches off of the others and can’t contribute either because they’re broke or just cheap.In times of harvest, feel free to lend a toke or two, but in times of famine you just might have to leave the moocher friend behind for the sake of making your bag go that extra mile, and when it comes to conserving, always should be on your checklist.


2. Save Your Roaches


Most people just toss their roaches out after smoking their blunt, preferring to just toss them unceremoniously into the trash, or let them lie wherever they tossed out to. When it comes to conserving though you might want to end up saving them instead. Sure, they’re the smallest bits of the blunt after you’ve had your toke on them, and alone they might not amount to much. But save 3 roaches and that not much adds to a bigger much. 10 Roaches, even 20 roaches later and you got yourself enough to fill a bowl again. So don’t be afraid to save em, and set em aside in a small case somewhere when you need them.


3. Stop Smoking For A While


This one is pretty harsh, I know. Everyone wants to have a good time, especially if times are getting pretty tough money wise. The sad fact of the matter is once times do get a little bit tough and you’re finding out you might need to conserve just a little bit, it might be a good idea to take a step back and re-evaluate a few things. Plus, you skip a few weeks and you’ll have even more money to spend when you do, equating to a larger bag to have. Instead of sprinkling it all around all through the month, save it one for one epic weekend at the end of the month.


4. Corner The Bowl


Trust me, this is normal etiquette anyways when smoking with friends, and the biggest reason why is that it’s a perfect conservation technique. Instead of lighting up the whole bowl, you’re just getting a small corner of it at a time and not wasting any. When you hit the whole bowl with the lighter what happens is you’re spreading that heat throughout the whole bowl and burning it twice as fast for the same effect. By cornering it you cut back on how much weed you’re burning by as much as 50%, for the same amount of smoke before. Master the corner and your stash will go further.


5. Vaporize


Not only is cornering the bowl a good conservation tool but so is Vaporizing. Not to be confused with vaping, but the technology is essentially the same. What Vaporizers do that’s different is you have a heating element somewhere near the bowl so the bowl itself gets hot enough for the THC to be released, but not hot enough that it destroys the weed itself. With a flame, you’re essentially destroying the weed, and burning some of the THC in the process through contact with the fire. But with a heating element, you’re eliminating that problem and releasing it all naturally through heat. It’s all science that way!


6. Use Smaller Bowls


Nothing makes a stoner smile more than a big bowl of weed and a bag of chips. But sometimes, the mind likes to play tricks on you when it comes to smoking. Instead of using a big wide open bowl, try instead to use a smaller one. This will trick you into thinking you’re smoking about the same amount, but in actuality use far less than you were actually using before, making you feel that your weed is going further. While not actually conserving, it’s a powerful placebo effect that helps you, at least, control the amount of weed you’re smoking at once.


7. Growing Your Own


It’s true that not everyone has a green thumb, and this step might be a little easier said than done since it requires you to constantly do some maintenance on a plant or two, but if you’re looking to conserve it’s often the easiest solution. The hardest part is keeping them hidden since depending on local laws you can’t just have it in your front yard. Plus you’ll need a place with a lot of sunlight and a lot of water. f you have a nice, quiet, secure place and the local laws aren’t that restrictive, feel free to grow a few, and you’ll find that just a few plants will keep you stocked up for quite some time.


8. Store Some For Later


This is a bit of a deviation from #3 on our list. Instead of  just not buying for a while and letting your tolerance come down a bit, instead, take what you normally buy and separate in half. Find a nice dark jar, in a nice dark room, and take one-half of the normal stash you get and put it in for storage for a later date. Nothing’s more fun than breaking it out at the end of the month and finding out you’ve got more than you thought you had. The best part of that? Take that half and save for later.


9. Stop Using Blunts and Joints


Blunts and joints are awesome, trust me, everyone knows that. They’re like cigarettes that you just grab up and roll and light up and enjoy, and they’re hassle-free for the most part once you get them going. Problem is, they take a lot more money than you realize. For starters, little actually goes into the blunt and in the rolling process, and the paper you use costs money every time. While you might think you’re saving money, you’re actually spending more when it comes to buying the paper. Use a nice one hitter instead, and save the paper for another time, or for special occasions.


10. Plan Ahead


Out of everything on this list, the best thing you can do is simply plan things ahead of time. Some people aren’t good at it, and it does take real skill to use, but it’s actually easier said than done. Plan how much you intend to use every day, plan on what you’re going to be doing that day, plan your snacks ahead of time, how much you intend to use and all, and you’ll find out that conserving, and using everything else on this list will make any stash you have go farther.


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