Moon Rocks: How to make Moon Rocks Weed with 51% THC!!

Moon Rocks Weed. Cannabis Caviar. Whatever you want to call it, this is the strongest source of weed you will likely ever consume, outside of dabs. You might have gotten some moon rock weed from a friend, or you might be one of the lucky ones who has gotten some good cosmic kief-covered bud at a legal dispensary.

But perhaps you’re a tiny bit bummed that you have to wait in line to get what you want, and you’re eager to turn your home into a personal moon-rock-making apothecary. Plus, after all, maybe you’ve toked a particular strain of weed that makes you think, “Hey, man, this would make a great base for moon rocks weed.”

moon rocks weed

Whatever your reasons for going all self-sufficient with your stoner ways, we have the supply list and instructions for your make Moon Rock Weed nugs. The three main ingredients are a marijuana bud (a nice big piece off which you can break smaller pieces for multiple moon rocks., kief, and some hash oil.

Read on for the full supply list and instructions.

How to make Moon Rocks Weed

1. Kief This is a powder made from the trichomes on cannabis leaves.
2. Silk-screen material or Sifter This is what you use to separate the trichomes from their leafy home in order to make the kief.
3. Hash Oil Produced by a solvent extraction of both marijuana and hashish, this is what you’ll use to moisten up your buds. Make sure your hash oil is just liquid enough so that it drips or spreads easily over your chosen pieces of weed.
4. Dropper An excellent tool for distributing the hash oil onto your bud.
5. Small Brush Another good tool for coating your bud with hash oil if you can’t locate a dropper.
6. Tweezers What you need to pick up your oil-soaked buds.

Now that you’ve gathered these materials, here are the basics of what you do. We’re going to assume for the moment that you’ve managed to create your own kief (there are videos for learning how to do that, if you haven’t quite worked out the steps for making kief:

1. Break off a decent-sized bud. Remember: the more compact your bud, the easier it will be to hold onto.

2. Next, grab your brush or dropper, whichever you prefer, and dribble a few drops of the hash oil onto your bud of choice. Get the oil nice and soaked into the bud for best concentration. This said, you want the bud moistened, but not dripping.

3. Now, grab your tweezers and use them to pick up your bud and roll it around in your kief. Get it as evenly coated as possible. If you don’t have any other mental picture of how it should look, think back to your childhood days and the types of cookies or doughnuts that were coated with some sort of powdered something-or-other. Yeah, nice sweet memory there, right? Right.

4. Pick up the kief-coated bud with the tweezers and set aside to dry for a while. Dribble, coat, repeat, till you have as many moon rocks as you desire, and let those dry, too. While they’re drying, clean up the materials if you’re done with them. (Hey, if you want a Zen weed experience with your moon-rocks, you might as well have a tidy area to contribute to the Zen experience..

5. Once your buds are dry, then pop them in your pipe or hash bowl and make like Gandalf & Bilbo Baggins. Only it won’t be “Old Toby” on your brains, and you won’t be journeying to Mordor. Oh, no. Think ‘Rivendell’ or ‘Lothlorien’ instead.

Well, there you have it: the ingredients and instructions for being all frugal and self-sufficient with your weed-consuming ways, and getting way more THC-fueled launch power from your bud than you would with just vaping or the traditional joint.

Now all you need for your trip into space is an official countdown, you psychonaut, you!


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