THC Pills: How to Make Your Own Chill Pills

THC pills
Countless people have often heard or used the expression “Take a chill pill!” if someone’s temper or other emotions are getting out of hand, and nobody has the psycho-therapeutic talk-down skills needed to get the emotional person to come back to reality. This phrase, of course, has been in use long before the weed legalization debate was a twinkle in anyone’s eye, so naturally, now that dispensaries have THC capsules, it’s now possible to take a chill pill. Literally. And you can even make your own THC pills.

All That Glitters Is Not Always Weed Trichomes

Let’s differentiate a bit between the stuff that dispensaries sell and the synthesized crap that Big Pharma’s got on offer.

It should be nothing new to you, or anyone else who favors freedom from money-lobby-monster Big Pharma that drug companies would start creating pills that recreate the medicinal effects of THC and cannabidiol, but obviously not so much out of the goodness of their hearts. In all reality, we’ve kinda sussed out that Big Pharma’s collective heart is a tiny bit too Grinchlike. Why else would drugs like Marinol cost between $200-$800 a pop? Real weed is way cheaper, per month, than the synthesized stuff. We’re talking about $514/month to smoke two joints—that’s a $216 difference. After all, “a penny saved is a penny earned,” and all that good frugal shiz-nit.

Oh, and irony of ironies, Marinol has actually been shown to not only have crappy side effects, but it’s also come out that Marinol is addictive, both attributes of which the real Mary-Jane McCoy does not have. So if, like Charlotte Figi and her Dravet’s Syndrome (a rare form of epilepsy), “Cindy-Lou Who” needs some medical marijuana caplets, Big Pharma’s not the place to go.

I want The Real Deal, Not Some Big Pharma Fake!

Let’s dive into talk about actual THC pills sold by dispensaries, greencross.com, and other such places.

Actual THC pills are usually capsules in bottles, and labeled specifically as having THC in them. Just be wary of taking one out of the bottle and just leaving it for someone to find and ingest by accident, without knowing—or questioning—what it is, since there are vitamin/herb-filled capsules that, at first blush, look quite a bit like cannabis oil. We can just hear it now: “Honey, this isn’t my (insert herb-ish-looking pill here)! I’m feelin’ good, but…just what did you purchase?!”

The main difference between THC pills and the smokable/vape-able or dab-able versions of weed, is that THC capsules, like other oral administrations of marijuana, take quite a while to be absorbed into your system. But unlike smokable bud, which gives you quick effects that don’t last all that long, THC capsules last quite a long time.

Making Your Own THC Pills

You might have already purchased a bottle of capsules from your local dispensary, and though they might be reasonably priced, you might have begun to wonder if you can make ‘chill pills’ a DIY venture. After all, it might save you some money in the long run, and if you’re in a state like CO, where you can easily expect to see snow well into April (because you are in the mountains), a trip to the dispensary has to be somewhat planned for. No sense in running out of capsules in the middle of a snowstorm, right? Right.

If you’re making THC pills for the first time, it can be tricky to get the dosage right. So, if you’ve made edibles at all, you know that it’s best to start small. If you’re unsure of where to start as far as how much herb to use, you can always start with Leafly.com’s recommended amount of 7-14 grams and experiment downwards or upwards. They also recommend that you use ground flower, though kief and ground trim are also workable source materials.

As far as actual dosing, there’s no real way of knowing for sure just how potent your capsules are unless you take them to a lab to have them verified. Otherwise, to get a rough estimate, convert the potency of your source material to milligrams (mg) and divide by the net weight of the final yield. Then take off about 10% to account for the necessary decarboxylation process.

As there are quite a few other recipes—apart from Leafly.com’s–for making your own THC ‘chill pills,’ we won’t take up your time by repeating any of them here. However, we recommend you gather supplies such as coconut oil, soy lecithin, empty capsules, syringes with deep-reach tips, a capsule-filling machine, slow-cooker (if you don’t want to use an oven), parchment paper or aluminum foil, and cheese cloth, just to name a few necessary items.

Be prepared to devote a good portion of a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for this project, time-wise, but the satisfaction of making your own THC ‘chill pills’ will outweigh the time spent.

And let’s face it: who, apart from observing proper weed etiquette, doesn’t want the joy of actually having real, honest-to-God chill pills on hand when someone really needs one?


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