How To Roll a Blunt like a Boss

If you’re still relatively new to smoking pot, you might have heard of people not just rolling joints but rolling blunts. Just what are they and how to roll a blunt?

A blunt is another type of marijuana joint that either has some actual tobacco mixed in with the weed, or only has slight dusty traces of the tobacco left over from when the tobacco is taken out of the cigar paper, but simply has 99.9999% weed in the paper.

How to Roll a Blunt, Anyway?

First off, you’ll want to gather your materials. You’ll need:

• a cigar
• a sharp knife (a good paring knife will do, but if you want an “X-acto” knife for precision cutting, hey, go for it, you blunt-creating artiste, you!.
• a grinder (you want to get your quality bud to the right size for rolling., and…
• a tray for keeping your ground-up ganja leaves corralled. (Just don’t swipe your mom’s crystal chip-n-dip tray, no matter how little she’s used it, or how big of a munchie attack you and your peeps might have. An old-school metal TV tray will be perfect..

Now that you’ve got those item in hand, let’s cut to the chase.

1. First, find the butt end of the cigar, and locate the vein (where the cigar is joined together.. This might not be all that easy to locate at first if you’re a noob, but after a few practice rolls, you’ll get the hang of it.

2. Once you’ve located the vein, use the knife to split the cigar down that vein. Just for starters, you might want to wet the top of the vein to make the cigar easier to split. Some people use their thumbnails to do the cutting, but it may not be as precise, to say nothing of not-that-sanitary, so a knife is usually your blunt-creation BFF in this moment. Remember to cut from butt to tip.

3. Now that the cigar is opened up, toss the tobacco, unless you want to save a tiny bit to mix in with your weed, if you’re a cigar enthusiast. However, if this is a blunt you’re sharing among your best mates, you can’t assume they’ll want any nicotine harshing their marijuana mellow. After all, weed’s supposed to help prevent cancer, not start it, right?

4. If you’ve got your weed all ground up to the appropriate size (fluffy, but not too chunky or granular), congratulations! It’s time to fill your blunt. Pour your ganja goods evenly across the inside of the cigar paper. You want enough bud in your blunt so that when you roll the paper, the end won’t collapse in on itself when you go to light it. A really popular way to fill your blunt paper is to put more bud in the center, then push the contents on either end. This ensures proper shape retention as you roll, and the ends will fill up with all that glorious weed.

5. Now—the magic moment of how to roll a blunt: the actual rolling! There are two well-known methods to do this, so try both and see which one works better for you. One method involves starting with the shorter end of the blunt wrapper and rolling it under your weed, making sure to roll back and forth with your thumbs. You’ll want to use your index fingers to apply proper downward pressure so you’re getting a snug roll (kind of like the guy or gal at the local Chipotle restaurant who rolls your favorite burritos all nice and tight, keeping everything in.. This said, you also don’t want the ends to accidentally seal as you’re rolling.
how to roll a blunt

The second method is a tiny bit less like you’re trying to perform a circus trick and a bit more amiable to those who want a fast wrap action going on. You’ll be rolling from the butt to the tip (burning end., rolling the bottom half of the wrapper under the top half, working the paper this way from from the butt end all the way to the tip. This method works great if you’ve packed in enough weed and the wrapper has too long a width.

6. Once your weed is nice and tightly snug in its little wrapper bed, use your fingers to roll up and down the blunt to make sure your bud is distributed evenly. Then, it’s time to seal your weed sacrament within the wrapper. Lick the wrapper’s edge and then roll the blunt over the moistened part.

Ta-da! How to Roll a Blunt, and with practice, you will be the guru of rolled ganja.


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