Last-Minute Regulations Ban The Sale Of Certain Edibles In Nevada

Nevada cannabis dispensaries are going to have to make some big changes to their inventory before July 1st, when the recreational marijuana market goes live throughout the state. Under a set of last-minute regulations, certain edibles products must be pulled and either repackaged or removed from dispensary shelves entirely.

Mari St. Martin, a spokesperson for the Governor’s office, issued an official statement on the Governor’s behalf:

“The Governor wants to see the state realize the revenues from its sales, and most importantly, wants a regulatory structure that is restricted, responsible and respected.”

In this case, “responsible and respected” includes eliminating the sale of products that can appeal to children. The Nevada Tax Commission approved the new regulations on Monday, and prohibits the sale of:

  • All products that contain more than 10mg of THC per dose, or more than 100mg of THC per package
  • Edibles that resemble lollipops, ice cream and other sweet confectionaries that are modeled after any type of product marketed toward children
  • Any products implementing the likeness of real or fictional characters, including cartoons
  • THC-infused candies and snack foods, except for dried fruit, nuts and granola products
  • Cookie or brownie products that are not sealed in a plastic, opaque bag
  • Products contained within packaging that has images of cartoons, balloons or mascots

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all products that fall under these regulations must be pulled from the shelves. For some products, the retailer can choose to cover any labeling that falls outside of these restrictions with permanent marker, stickers or some other fashion that completely obscures any packaging that has elements that are used to market to children. These labels and packaging do not need to be covered until they go onto shelves, where the customer will then see them.

For products that cannot be repackaged in this way, dispensaries are trying to sell their products within the next few days-because they’ll have to destroy them come July 1st. The state’s Department of Taxation is hiring four compliance and audit officers to enforce these emergency regulations that were penned to keep edibles out of the hands of Nevada’s youth.


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